2 comments on “DCS VR shaders mod update 12

  1. Hello. Have a question about your DCS shaders mod. A little background on my issue. I have a 5800X with 6800XT on a B550 mobo with a Reverb G1. For some reason, no matter SS I have it on, the ground has horrible ghosting and frametime spikes every 2-3 frames, even though the fish is showing 45.

    When I apply the shader mod (the one that breaks IC), the stuttering fully goes away and I can jack the system to its actual potential.

    My question – Do you have any ideas what is in the code of the shaders mod that is taking away that ghosting?

    I have tried literally everything, every guide, tip, etc. It seems to come down to dcs and it’s horrible programming.

    Figured I would ask the man himself for answers.

    Thanks in advance!
    Regards, Jess

    • My guess is that its just the improved performance which is reducing reprojection, so its not anything specific in the mod. At least I can’t think of any other reason for that to happen.

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