Assetto Corsa mods

I made an OpenVR hook/proxy thing for Assetto Corsa that adds some extra options when running in OpenVR mode:

  • Enables the use of seat pitch adjustment from the in-game onboard settings app
  • Allows adjusting supersampling for Assetto Corsa only
  • Allow individual view pitch/roll locking, with neck length option for more natural rotation
  • Enables using a motion controller like the Vive wand to use the in-game UI
  • Allows disabling the automatic re-center at startup so the HMD position is remembered between sessions

Download version 1.0 from here. See the readme.html file for more information.

I personally like using the roll locking set to 1 and pitch locking set to 0 with neck length of 0.3. This gives me a better feel of how the car is behaving and keeping the horizon level makes it easier to look at the track, without having to look up/down on hills like with the ingame lock horizon setting.

Adjusting the seat pitch allows me to align the virtual steering wheel position with the real one and cancel out some upwards pitch I have with my simracing rig.

Here is a short video showing some features and driving with those settings:

First, the seat pitch adjustment is shown. Then I drive a bit and you can see the car roll around the view, but the view follows the uphill section at Flugplatz without having to look up. Then I use the Vive wand to use the UI, including touch pad for navigating the pit screen pages and setup tabs.

It has been developed for the HTC Vive, but it should also work with the Rift if you use it in OpenVR mode. The controller mappings with touch may not work perfectly though.

edit: I did a small fix to the zip file, previous version was of debug build that required debug runtime to load.


Mclaren F1 GTR from the DLC

A new update for Assetto Corsa broke Joux Plane, so here is a quick update to get it working again. It also has working timing now thanks to AC supporting it in open config tracks now. The lighting is slightly tweaked as well as AC lighting changed quite a bit at some point making the track too bright. It still appears quite flat but at least in the morning it looks ok.

Full changelog:

  • Fixed compatibility with AC v1.1 (track was invisible)
  • Lighting modified to better suit recent AC versions
  • Implemented working start and finish line available in AC v1.1
  • Reverse version is now implemented as track configuration (reduced size)
  • Hotlap start position moved further back and barriers added to disallow reversing at start

Download from here. If you have the old version installed, remove the assettocorsa\content\tracks\joux-plane-rev directory as the reverse config now uses the new track configurations feature.

edit: Quick update to version v1.51 which fixes the reverse config finish line, download from the link above.

I updated Freejoin with better compatibility for newer AC versions and also some improvements and new features. On the server side race now ends correctly a set time after the first player is finished, track+car config cycle is configurable and the server has administration commands.

Get the updated version from here. The client and server are compatible with the old version as well. For running a server check the server setup guide on that page, the process is somewhat different now.

edit: I did a quick update to version 1.22, on client it fixes all servers being displayed as password protected and on server sessions are automatically added/enabled/disabled depending on cycle setting.


freejoinAnnoyed by the clumbersome booking system in recently released multiplayer for Assetto Corsa, I wanted to see if something could be done to improve it. I came up with a system that uses prebooked slots and a specially prepared client to join those slots at any time.

Experimental version for AC early access v0.9.10 is available here. It requires the client to install a modified online interface module and a server to be running a special version. See the readme there for additional information.

While it allows joining a server at any time it has some limitations. Mainly you can only select from cars that the server has prebooked and annoyingly when a race is over the session will never end until all clients have disconnected.

edit: Freejoin updated to version 1.20 with better compatibility and various fixes. See the Freejoin page for more info.


Collidable objects just needed to have the string ‘wall’ in them.

I had a look at why the tree, forest, etc. collisions were not working since some Assetto Corsa patch and it turned out to be easy to fix so here is another update for Joux Plane. I improved the tree collision models as well, they no longer throw you around the track so much (rather you seem to now sometimes get stuck in them. Oh well).

Download v1.4 of Joux Plane from here.

Get version 1.41 from here.

A few of these things under the track were causing problems.

A few of these things under the track were causing problems.

Finally got around to fix the issues in Joux Plane with the recent Assetto Corsa early access versions causing collision problems in some parts of the track. There were some leftover triangles under the track in a few places from lower LOD level mesh used originally by RBR.

A few other improvements are included also, changelog for version 1.3:

  • Removed some remnants of low detail geometry under the track causing collision issues with newer AC versions
  • Broken track section no longer adds dirt to tyres
  • All grass is now valid track to avoid penalty from small cuts
  • Added more zoomed in external cameras

Download it hereThe tree collisions also meanwhile seem to have become almost nonexistant and you can fall off the track in many places as well. But just stay on the track and you’re fine ;) Edit: Get the second updated version here instead, it fixes the collisions with trees.