22 comments on “Dirt Rally 2 VR eye accomodation fix v2.0

  1. Thanks for this MOD!
    It makes DR2 a lot more fun. The lighting had been driving me crazy and although there was a lot of discussion on the developer website, it was never fixed.
    Also the haze reduction makes Finland much more playable. I never thought fog of performance like in N64 days would be a thing in new games.

  2. Thank you so much for this mod, I’ve been using it since release and tipped you for your awesome work! Going to give V2 a try tonight.

    Maybe you could look at one more issue and thats the colour bit depth when using the Oculus SDK in VR, to my untrained eyes it looks like the colour bit depth has been reduced in the Oculus SDK version compared to the OpenVR version leading to bad banding in gradients especially visible at night.

    Thanks again for this mod!

    • Thanks for the tip! I do not use Oculus hardware myself so I can’t really look into problems there unfortunately.

  3. Great work, finlay the game comes to live again whit good lightning in VR and coloors showing like on screen

  4. Fantastic little mod – thankyou kegety.

    It includes all the fixes I had hoped would be sorted since release but honestly I thought they never would be. My only minor comment is that for me (using SteamVR and a Pimax headset) if I leave the alpha to coverage vegetation config turned on the tree LOD becomes very odd and I can see the LOD changing for all the trees and flora as I drive which is distracting.

    So if anyone else notices that, just turn that setting off (Set it to “0″ in the config). I don’t know if this is more noticeable on high res headsets or an unintended bug/side effect of some sort.

    • I have the same issue with the LOD on trees no matter what quality I set the trees too. This would be a great addition though as the terrible dithering causes huge issues on headsets which use encoding to transfer the image (Quest series).

  5. i realy like the fix mod evrything comes to live again whit greate colors and haze is gone perfect.
    BUT i just cant seem to get the night or dark shadow areas in the game look ok its compleatly black for me and i only see 5m ahead off the car so ia allways have to disablew the mod as soon there are dark stages in the game cause it dosent matter what i change in the night coloring in the config file its just all black for me whit a tiny tinty yellow glow from the headlights as it was cadnel lights instead off strong highbeam headlights

    is there any sugestion to fix this issue for me ? what shuld i change in the config file ????
    iam on a Pimax 5k plus

    best regards/Tobbe

  6. Thoroughly enjoying this mod daily.. but have found some strange behavior that you might not have noticed. Mainly, that the mod seems to swap day for night settings in some locations/stages. All of Monte appears swapped… a bunch of stages in NZ and some in AUS also have this issue, particularly dusk/night scenarios.

    For now when it happens I edit the .cfg to swap day/night but that gets tedious during a long event, especially since when I tab out in VR DR2.0 becomes a blurry unless when I tab back in until I make/save a gfx change in the game menu which refreshed the render pipeline or sometime.

    I’ve played around with changing the luminescence day/night values but doesn’t seem to have an affect and I still find myself manually swapping day/night as needed.

  7. Thanks mate.

    After 250hrs playtime while hating the constant dithered vegetation distraction and trying everything to remove it,…. it’s now finally gone. :) Wow I’m so happy I will donate to you.

    I happen to use 4xMSAA in game and the tree’s LOD constant changing side effect doesn’t seem so obvious as with 2xMSAA.

    Those seeing the trees LOD issue – This could help you :
    There’s a settings in the file:
    \Users(yourname)\Documents\My games\DiRT Rally 2.0\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config_vr.xml

    From a steam thread: “Dirt Rally 2.0 – How do you make VR look good?”
    You can increase LOD in the config (hardware_settings_config_vr) which should eliminate pop-in. For example for trees I have:

    • Thanks for the tips Jason regarding the vegetation alpha. I have now enabled 4x MSAA and also increased the tree LOD to 2.75 in the ini file and it looks perfect. Also using this along with the AMD FSR OpenVR mod and DR2.0 has never looked better in VR! Thanks to Keijo and to all those that dedicate their time to creating great little mods like this one.

      • Hi Andrew

        I wouldn’t bother changing the Trees LOD.
        With Trees LOD at 2.75, it just makes the Frame Rate drop and no real improvement on the tree pop-in issue. Using 4x MSAA is the best way to fix the tree pop-in issue.

        To use 4x MSAA in VR you might to lower other settings to keep good frame rate, and I also lower my VR Super Sampling (render resolution) to about 57% to maintain 90fps, but to fix the horrible trees, it’s worth it in my experience.
        (CPU 8600K@4.8GHz + GPU 2080ti + ReverbPro1)

  8. Great work! This made the game playable for me with a Reverb G2! Thank You!!

  9. This made the game look much better, and importantly made it so I could actually see when there are whiteout conditions in Sweden. I know that’s not what it’s meant for but Sweden was literally undriveable before using my Rift S, as all I could see was screen door and it was genuinely making me queasy (and I otherwise haven’t experienced VR sickness for over 2 years). This mod did appear to reduce the whiteout fog in Sweden a bit (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of it) but importantly gave a bit more contrast so I could actually distinguish the road from the banks in my headset.

    Big thanks!

  10. Thanks a lot about this Fix!!
    In deed, it’s a big fix of original game that developers didn’t want to do it.

  11. I really can’t seem to install these mods, if I try to copy a mod to the game it just sits there in the list of game files and doesn’t do anything,

  12. Hi Kegetys,
    I’ve been using this mod for a while, but recently have had to disable the mod as I now use OpenComposite and OpenXR Toolkit with Dirt Rally 2. Is there any way that you could look into making your mod compatible with these as the performance increase is amazing? Would love to have your mod as well which would make it perfect.

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