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  1. Thanks for this update, man! I haven’t tried on Vive yet, but it does seem to be working on the Rift actually. I was initially getting random crash/freezing, but I’ve tested for a while after turning the resolution setting under 200% and haven’t had any problems for a while, so could just be performance issue I was having.

    • Strange if bad performance would cause crashes/freezes, hopefully its not some SteamVR thing with Rift. But anyway RBR should run so well especially with a lower resolution that it hopefully isn’t much of an issue.

      • So I spent some more time with this, both on a Vive and Rift. So far I’ve not had any problems using the Vive, but still getting seemingly random crashes with the Rift. I still can’t say for sure on the render scale, but it does feel like it’ll run longer before crashing when I set it to a lower percentage. I’ve tried on several different PCs, and also with a fresh install of the game just to be sure there wasn’t any lingering mods that could conflict in some way.

        I realize not having a Rift will make this difficult to troubleshoot, and may be something you don’t really want to mess with, but if there’s any further feedback that would be helpful let me know. I can surely just use the Vive anyways, just that the Rift with the built in phones and such is a lot easier to pass around for hotseat (and just more comfortable overall with longer sessions to me).

        Oh and one real small thing I noticed is that during multipayer/hotseat or a full rally season it doesn’t display the ‘continue’ menu to the headset just before the race starts (like when the camera is rotating around the car…maybe it was excluded on purpose cause of the rotation..). It’s not a big deal though since you just have to hit one button to continue, and is easy enough to tell you’re at that screen by the sounds.

        Anyways, thanks again for this! It’s been a blast to be able to tear around in this game with vr.

  2. Thanks!!! I am going to check it with my Oculus Cv1.


  3. Hi again dear kegetys.

    I am trying with Oculus Rift CV1 and i have this error

    “Unable to initi Open VR Runtime. Installation Not Found”

    Thanks in advance

    • You probably need to install SteamVR. Not sure if there is some standalone version of it available, but at least it can be installed from Steam.

  4. Yes!!!! I have tried it ith STEAM VR and is ok. Thanks!!!!

  5. Hi again Kegetys. It works with CV1 only with RBR original with patch 1.02 in RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe.

    I am trying to run the NGP physics and crash when is loading track.

    I think Fixup.dll or NGP.dll are incompatible with this plugin.

    Is possible to solve it?

    Thanks in advance.

    pd=Donation done.

    • I tried it quickly with RSRBR 2014 that I have installed, it uses fixup and some new physics plugins. But maybe there is some problem with newer one, I’ll have a look when I have a moment.

  6. Hi, can this work with mods like RSRBR 2016? Thank you for your great work.

    • Yes it should work, though there may be some compatibility issues with plugins… But at least I’d want to have it compatible with RSRBR.

      • Yep this works with 2016 as far as I can tell. I raced with a few of the NGP cars on some of the UK tracks and had no issues.

        Does your plugin support further proxy dll redirection?

        Thanks for being awesome.

  7. Thanks for your awesome work!

    I have several stages of fun with the vr but now im suffering random crashes when loading main menu. I have used the DebugView tool you suggest to create a log file. You can download from Google Drive:


    Can you please give some support about the problem?

    Finally, I want inform you that the vr plugin seems to get in conflict with another plugins like fixup, pacenotes or ngp. Did you test it by yourself? It works for you?

    Waiting your news.

    Thanks again for your dedication.

    • Not much useful into in the log unfortunately.

      Another thing RBR creates is a minidump when a crash occurs, they should be files called “something_2016 07 08-18 59 54.dmp” an similar in the RBR directory. If you can upload that from when it crashes it could give some hint where it goes wrong, though its possible I cant fix the problem unless I can repro it somehow, as its quite difficult to debug it otherwise since I dont have RBR source code :)

  8. Thanks for your great work.

    Unfortunately I get crashes in the Rift after a few minutes. The first few minutes ran great.

    BTW: The steering wheel angle is not correctly display, it doesn’t matter war degree I select in your plugin.

    • For the steering angle check you dont already have a file called misc/LM_Driver.ini in your RBR dir, if it already exists then RBRvr will not overwrite it.

      • What do you think, there is a possibility or do I sell cv1 and take Vive . rbr is my primary game. TY

  9. Update: With render scale 150 it runs without problems. With 175 or above it results in a crash after a few minutes

  10. I keep getting crashing on the CV1 as well. Has anyone with a CV1 been able to play without random crashing?

  11. I was a bit optimistic with my post above. I have now experienced crashes not only with render scale 150 but also with 100. It seems that the lower the render scale the longer it takes for the crash to appear. With render scale 300 I get crashes in the first minute. With 100 it could take up to 10 minutes until it crashes.

  12. Can you make this ‘plugin’ also work for games like Race07 and/or Automobilista? These are DX9 based titles as well.

  13. Hi, after using RBRift during some days the vr view started to be centered in copilot randomly, but now is always there. I push the recenter view button but no succes. I have recalibrated the Steam and Oculus camera and don’t know what can I do to solve the problem. Any idea?

  14. Also here .. tried everything , continuous crash with cv1 . I wish I could run in RBR world .. What a disappointment. I waited so long :(

  15. Here game crash after countdown and push throttle. With low % seems to last along.. PLs fix and I make generous donation immediatly! TY

  16. Try to disable one per one effects from video setup (orig version sse).. minor effect seems to prolong time, but at the end random crash after some minutes. It might be something that has to do with the tracker detection with steam ?

  17. Hi Kegetys,

    I have a DK2 and I use the rbrift. Is there any advantage using a DK2 with this newer mod compared to the “old” rbrift?

    Thanks and congratulations on keeping doing all this.

  18. Thank you so much! My CV1 seems to make it around 5-10 minutes before freezing up or crashing. Will try on my Vive to see if it works

  19. So one strange bug to report. When racing in any of the NGP cars, looking in any direction skews the model of the car.

    Imagine you were holding a large piece of paper in front of you at arms length, one hand on the left, one on the right. If you look to the right, the car stretches as if you were pulling your right hand towards you, and your left hand away. The same goes for any direction (of course the inverse happening).

    Any suggestions? It’s really hard to play with your car warping around you.

    Otherwise, I absolutely love this!

  20. If you want to avoid the cv1 crush you just have to lower the resolution from 2.0 to 1.0 or 1.25 in the vr menu of the game.

  21. since all use the view from the hood , a significant problem is the breaking of the glass :(, which happens often , even for minimal impact . There is the way to undo the effect ? it would be great!!

  22. This is awesome :D
    RBR in the rift,just made my year
    much better than DR now.

    Any chance you can do something with rF2 or rF1?

    (Donation on it’s way)

    • It is quite a huge amount of work to do it so other games are very unlikely unfortunately, RBR is a bit special in that I have done extensive modding for it before and its old enough to not get any patches any more (which would break everything) so it easier… Also RBR is old enough to run very well even with a less than optimal implementation without access to the source.

      • Appreciate that mate.
        rFactor is from 2005/6 and will not get any more updates,rF2 on the other hand will.

        I was stoked to find your plugin and even more so when it works fantastic.
        It far outshines DR which to be honest is still arcady.

        What your plugin has done to RBR is awesome,I love the game to start with but now with the DK2 it is like a new game all over again.

        I’m sure you would get more donations from the sim community if you did your plugin for rFactor :)

  23. Did anybody find a workaround to make this version work with the rift without crashes? I mean in RSRBR, at least with ngp cars.
    Yes I know there´s the 1.4 version, but its not smooth anymore with the predicted head pose.

  24. Thank you for making this great plugin for RBR.

    The latest steamVR beta update has created some issue with your RBRvr plugin. The gamma is now very high and the colors appear washed out. The game looks fine on the desktop but is very dull when seen through the Vive HMD.

    I have not tested with the latest non-beta branch of steamVR but I would imagine this will be an issue when they merge.

    Everything was fine until this update:

    If you have a chance to take a look please let me know if there is a quick fix or will this require a new release of your plugin.

    Thanks again

    • Sounds like something has perhaps changed with how the sRGB gamma is applied, though its odd nothing is mentioned about it in the changelog… Anyway I’ll take a looks once I’m back at my VR gear (on a business trip at the moment).

      • Can also confirm the issue of gamma change. (on a Rift here)
        After some testing I realized that when the scale is 1.4 (or below maybe) the gamma returns to normal. Above 1.4 it activates the weird gamma issue.

    • Hi Rally,
      do you use a Vive with the CZ plugin for rbr? Im on a rift and i wanted to know if the vive works with the rbrcz

  25. it is possible that you can make a version that is verifiable for rfactor 1?

  26. I can confirm that with the cv1 de landscape stuttering or lack of smoothness it`s a great problem. At the moment can’t play this game anymore. Hope it will be fixed someday.


  28. Just wanted to give feedback that the mod works fine with Valve Index. Set the resolution to 1920×1080 in the configuration file, and set the sampling to 200% in game. You will be more-or-less oriented correctly with the in cockpit camera with these settings.

    Some other notes for users of DD wheels and separate pedals. You can eventually get it all to work – don’t give up! When selecting wheel axis make sure you turn the wheel through full rotation for it to be detected. I use a Fanatec DD1 in PC mode with separate Heusinkveld Sprint pedals. After configuring your pedal inputs you will most likely need to invert the pedals (accelerator, brake, clutch) in the input configuration file (options are true or false). You might also have to set your wheelbase to the desired rotation sensitivity and then do it again in game using the VR menu.

    So far have wheel working, full pedals, handbrake, and also have motion rig working with telemetry data. Have not needed to use any add-ons or hacks to get it all working.

    Thank you for the time and trouble you went to making the mod, greatly appreciate it!

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