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I updated my DCS Shaders peformance mod, found on the ED forums here. Its compatible with DCS version, and also comes with new features such as included sRGB gamma fix, NVG fixes, dithering for the tonemapper (fix banding on the sky), etc.

I noticed from the DCS World shaders that the game appears to be using incorrect method for sRGB gamma conversion. The game uses a simple raise to power, while the correct way is more complicated – result of using the wrong method is elevated black levels. That means that, especially when using a VR headset with an OLED screen, at night time everything looks slightly grey and not as dark and contrasted as they could.

I did a fix for this into the game’s shaders. My method uses sRGB conversion from older, deprecated w3c standard. It is not strictly correct as newer IEC 61966-2-1 standard is slightly different. But the w3c standard is easier to apply the game gamma slider setting alongside with the sRGB space conversion so I used that. In practice the difference between the two is likely unperceivable anyway.

The mod can be downloaded from here, its made for for DCS World version (it might or might not work with other versions). See the readme for install instructions.

I have only tested the mod with my VR performance mod, but hopefully it works even without it.