Some photos from Prague, Czech Republic. Avoiding the almost-cliche photos of Charles Bridge with Prague castle in the background ;)

Also visited Butovicke Hradiste near Prague and the National Technical Museum. Buovicke Hradiste is a hill where a fortification used to stand, nowdays nothing appears to be left of the fort except a flat hill offering a nice view to the surroundings.

On the forums Justin (born2belyin) announced that he plans to continue SoftTH development:

After a year of “kicking the tires,” I’ve decided to finally put some effort behind bringing SoftTH into the DX10/11 era. I’ll be launching a Kickstarter project within the next month or so to get some initial donations for work on SoftTH. Money donated will go toward my time as developer and toward game purchases for testing (as needed). If enough money is gained, I may even be able to pay another talented developer for his/her time on the project. I plan to work on SoftTH whether the project gets much funding/donations or not, but I will be much more likely to dedicate significant amounts of time and effort if their is a show of community support. I want to bring SoftTH forward for my own gaming purposes, and I want other gamers like myself to enjoy the benefits of SoftTH not being limited to DX8/9 games.

Visit his site at to support the project!

Finally got around adding all the old content to a new WordPress based site I have been working on for almost an year now. Never enough time for finishing anything… But now it’s done, and I might post some junk here more frequently as well.

My new year went nicely in the middle of a pitch black forest hunting some newly published geocaches, GC4W4N5 and GC4W4RX. FTF on both \o/

Gliding season has ended for this year, I didn’t manage to get my license yet due to some delays with getting the medical certificate. I could not do solo flights until I got the medical, so they will have to wait until next year.

I did manage a total of over 30 hours in the air, max. altitude ~2200m and longest flight of just short of 4 hours.

Here is a video of some flying, captured with the Mobius Action Camera:

Had a chance to test the Oculus Rift, along with D-Box. The combination doesn’t work great due to the seat motion causing the Oculus head tracking to go out of whack sometimes, but it is likely solvable with software.

This was done in Richard Burns Rally with a quickly slapped together Oculus “hack” for it as I could not get any existing solutions working. It did full stereo rendering with Oculus distortion + partial head tracking (It worked ok as long as you didn’t look too much to the sides)

Geocaching is at its best when it takes you to some awesome location you would never have though to visit otherwise. Here’s a few recent examples of mine:

Never finished & abandoned aircraft hangar at Halli (GCYQJ6):

Abandoned underground structure near Jyväskylä (Mystery cache):

Abandoned house, this one is quite close to where I live:

Lookout tower at Karttula (GC2D63Q):

Misc locations: