17 comments on “RBRvr v1.5 – Fix for latency + camera options

  1. Hi Kegetys,
    this is a great achievement, thanks a lot!

    one question: could it be the v1.5 uses a bit more resources than v1.4? Seems to have more frame drops in more demanding stages (Fernet Branca from rbrCZ for example)

    Still, compared to v1.2 for the dk2, its quite more demanding – I run v1.2 with 250% render scale without any frame drops compared to v.14/1.5 which has a lot of frame drops already at 200% in some stages.

    Also, the behavior of the frame drops seem to be different in each version, v1.4 and v1.5: when it drops in 1.5 it feels it goes instantly to half the frame rate while with 1.4 it just drops 15 or 20 frames. Is it using a different way to adapt to bad framerate?

    Using a gtx1070 btw.

    last question: whats the default value of rbr regarding camera shake, on or off? I want to have it like it is in v.1.2/1.3/1.4.

    Thanks again,

  2. Thank you kegetys, Dirt Rally bored me pretty quickly, even in VR, so now I’m back to my good old RBR !

  3. Works awesome thanks for the mod. One question, can I remap the keys for cockpit position? My keyboard does not have t num pad.

    • No you cannot, but you can use the Vive controller to adjust the seat as well (I guess it should work with Touch too but I don’t know the button mappings).

  4. thanks keygetys! great addon for RBR. just on question: to have a better picture quality I have an option in your plugin for render scale, but i can modify the pixel density in steam vr as well. do this two things the same, shoud i use both, or just one, what is your recommendation? thanks in advance.

    • Just like in other games the two settings add up so if you increase both you will just get a lot more supersampling. Whichever setting you use is really up to what you find easier to use I suppose, though note that SteamVR recently changed the meaning of the supersampling value to mean a multiplier for the total number of pixels, while the RBRvr setting is a multiplier for both width and height.

  5. Hi, I have runtime error when stage loaded, the problem is at all stage. Any sugestion ?

  6. Hi Keijo,

    Returning to RBR thanks to your VR plugin!

    I have but one issue: The framerate does seem to be lower than 90fps (maybe 60fps?). Maybe it is that the game only updates at 60fps while the actual rift fps is 90fps. I have disabled vsync everywhere but that does not seem to have an effect. Using a geforce 1070 with an oculus rift.

    Maybe I am missing something. Do you have a solution?


  7. I’ve just got my vr headset so I’m pretty noob right now and can’t make it work. After installing the 1.5 version on my RBR 1.02 (running SSE) I can only see the game on the monitor, nothing shows up inside the Rift. Do I need another program to render on the Rift? I’d love to try it in VR :D

    • Ok nevermind I made it work somehow. The Oculus driver switched off the Unknown Source execution for some reason and Steam had to be off for the game to show up. Now all is good.

      The game menu being in the VR is a great idea. Thank you for this superb plugin!

  8. Hello.

    My name is José Ángel, from Spain (Tenerife), user of DiRT Rally and since half a year ago, user of RBR. I recently adquired an Oculus Rift and tried RBRvr plugin but… it doesn’t work.

    It starts, start Oculus Home, starts SteamVR, then blank (white) screen and error message:
    “Runtime Error!
    Program: C:\Richard Burns Rally\RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe
    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application’s support team for more information”
    >> Title bar: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    I tried all:
    - Installed in RBR with NGP plugin and in RBR vanilla (clean), last version.
    - Installed last SteamVR (from august) and last beta SteamVR (from september).
    - Reinstalled directx 9 C
    - Disabled (unplugged) trackir
    - RBR in windowed mode (Fullscreen = false in config file)
    - And rbrvr.cfg:

    I don’t know what to try now…

    Could you help me? Thanks a lot.

    My computer: i5 4670k, GTX770, 32 Gb RAM, Windows 7 64-bit (updated).
    Installed Ms Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015.
    .NET FRamework 4.7
    nVidia driver 385.69
    All Oculus apps run perfectly and almost all steamvr apps too.

    Best regards!

    • That seems strange, but unfortunately I can’t really think of reasons what could be causing it. You could try running Sysinternals Debugview and then running RBR which will capture and display some debug output, but I doubt it will show much useful info considering the crash.

    • Hi again.

      Because the strange runtime error I decided to test v1.4 of RBRvr and…
      …works “randomly”.

      In fact, it works 1 of 3 times, more or less. And sometimes, when it works, fails loading the track.

      It’s very strange…

      Any idea, guys?

      Thanks and Big work, Kegetys!!

  9. Hi kegetys,

    For some time i have noticed that since this new steamVR versions (1.3/1.4/1.5), the colors have less contrast than in the dk2 version (1.2). After testing rfactor 2 (that also uses steamVR only) where the colors also lack contrast and punch (mainly a black level problem), I realize it is something to do with how steamVR translates the image to the oculus rift cv1 (which is my headset). I imagine it looks better in the Vive, but could you include again the gamma adjustment in the cfg file of your mod like you had in the version 1.2 for the dk2? It would be really useful for us cv1 users to have a better picture. Maybe it is just a couple of lines I can put in rbrvr.cfg?
    thanks a lot

    • Adjusting the gamma isn’t quite so easy as the headsets aren’t visible as normal displays anymore. It would require adding some postprocessing layer to RBRvr, not sure if if I can find time to do that but I’ll note it for the future.

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