8 comments on “RBRvr v1.5 – Fix for latency + camera options

  1. Hi Kegetys,
    this is a great achievement, thanks a lot!

    one question: could it be the v1.5 uses a bit more resources than v1.4? Seems to have more frame drops in more demanding stages (Fernet Branca from rbrCZ for example)

    Still, compared to v1.2 for the dk2, its quite more demanding – I run v1.2 with 250% render scale without any frame drops compared to v.14/1.5 which has a lot of frame drops already at 200% in some stages.

    Also, the behavior of the frame drops seem to be different in each version, v1.4 and v1.5: when it drops in 1.5 it feels it goes instantly to half the frame rate while with 1.4 it just drops 15 or 20 frames. Is it using a different way to adapt to bad framerate?

    Using a gtx1070 btw.

    last question: whats the default value of rbr regarding camera shake, on or off? I want to have it like it is in v.1.2/1.3/1.4.

    Thanks again,

  2. Thank you kegetys, Dirt Rally bored me pretty quickly, even in VR, so now I’m back to my good old RBR !

  3. Works awesome thanks for the mod. One question, can I remap the keys for cockpit position? My keyboard does not have t num pad.

    • No you cannot, but you can use the Vive controller to adjust the seat as well (I guess it should work with Touch too but I don’t know the button mappings).

  4. thanks keygetys! great addon for RBR. just on question: to have a better picture quality I have an option in your plugin for render scale, but i can modify the pixel density in steam vr as well. do this two things the same, shoud i use both, or just one, what is your recommendation? thanks in advance.

    • Just like in other games the two settings add up so if you increase both you will just get a lot more supersampling. Whichever setting you use is really up to what you find easier to use I suppose, though note that SteamVR recently changed the meaning of the supersampling value to mean a multiplier for the total number of pixels, while the RBRvr setting is a multiplier for both width and height.

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