57 comments on “Richard Burns Rally Oculus Rift mod update v1.2

  1. Great work, just another quick request to see if horizon locking might be possible.

  2. Ace! 1.2 is super smooth and the roof clipping when the seat is setup high is gone. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this.

  3. It’s an old hint from a decade ago, but if you want well tuned weather effects, go for Kai Fiebach’s WeatherLook and Windshield Rain by BWX. WeatherLook also fixes overly white interiors in Finland stages. These mods can be found in this rbr-mod.exe bundle under graphics tab.

    The mod bundle can be found for instance here:

    Must be run in RBR root directory.

  4. This is a dream come true (i dont dream big).
    Epic, epic, epic !!!
    Paljon kiitoksia, i wish you have a nice life.
    wooohooo !!!!!!!

  5. Many thanks Keijo for this upgrade ! You are the best really …
    Can’t wait to get my Rift back ( i just initiated my brother , and he is addicted now)
    You made the best Oculus Experience for this great and not easy game simulation
    Thum Up man !


  6. Thank you so much for amazing rift support. However, i can’t get codriver mode to work, i get a message that the rift is set as primary, even when it is not. Does the resolution and refresh rate on primary display have to be the same as the rift? My Acer h5360 projector is set as primary display, but i can not get both resolution and refresh rate to match the rift at the same time.

    • Both codriver modes work for me. I have primary display at resolution 2560×1600 with 59 Hz, so that should not matter.

      Codriver mode judders quite a lot though in Oculus Rift view for me, so it is not very useful currently. That could be caused by lower refresh rate compared to rift, though.

  7. Hi

    Cant run this with DK1. Did fresh RBR install and sse works fine but soon as i paste those d3d9.dll and rbrift note i got something executable error?

    any help?


  8. This is a great mod. Works great with DK2. Well deserved donation to you sir. Hope you’ll continue to improve it and update it to CV1 when it comes out. Thanks a lot

      • Thanks for letting me know, it seems paypal had broken the donate button (I wonder how long it has been broken) :/ Hopefully it works now in case you still wish to donate :)

  9. hi,

    message: rift not found appears at start of RBR. what to do? thanks.

    thee rift is displayed as display nr. 1 of 3 in the ati-ccc, and works on the desktop..
    its connected to graphics card nr1 at hdmi port. I use win7. need more infos?

    Comments =default
    FixGasketBug = true
    ForceGearbox =manual
    ForceSavingReplays =true
    OverrideRecordsMode =1
    SecureLogin =false
    ShowSplitTimes =false
    ShowTopSplitTable =false

    Adapter = A
    ConstantForceMultiplier = -60
    Depth = 32
    ForceFeedback = true
    Fullscreen = false
    MinDepthBits = 24
    MinStencilBits = 8
    ParticleQuality = high
    RenderCarShadow = true
    RenderQuality = high
    RunIntro = false
    RunStartup = false
    Sound = true
    UseCubicEnvironmentMaps = true
    UseEAX = true
    UseSoftwareAudio = false
    UseTripleScreenBuffers = true
    WaitRetrace = true
    XRes = 1278
    YRes = 718


    thanks in advance.

    • Ok, got it now.
      resolution is acceptable, your work extra fine! Thanks alot!! Wow!
      I tried to switch to the pacenoteplugin by workerbee ingame, it’s active but still a problem for me to get the windows displayed. will try on. Happy new year man!

      • Hi again,

        no solution, yet!
        Maybe you try to fix this issue?
        The pacenoteplugin (PP) really should work in RBR for best experience/enjoyment of the sim.
        Would be sad if you would’ve to choose between the PP and your .dll.


  10. please can you look to Condor soaring simulator? I think this with dk would be awesome, i am using it in 3d with old drivers and it is bombastic, but with dk2 – ? Thx hope

    • Condor uses Direct3D 7 so its not realistically possible unfortunately, and Oculus SDK is dropping even D3D 9 support so even the RBR mod might stop working at some point.

  11. this is this problem with DX7…and look here – this is my sim:


    it is working in 3D (two projectors ) and with Trackir….really awesome (80% as real) specially for cold winter (here in Slovakia too)…but with Rift it would be more practical and portable…Condor is not so HW demanding…this is really bad that the developers are not working on it…or transferred it to minimally DX9 :-( ou ou ou I am crying

  12. Hey guys,

    First off, a big thanks to Kegetys for this awesome mod to allow us to use DK2 with RBR.

    I know this is not really the right place to post this question but do you guys know of a SweetFX plugin to help with the sharpness of RBR while using the DK2?

    I have tried SweetFX in iRacing and AC and it really makes a huge difference in being able to pick out details.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can answer my question.


    • Cant help you whit sweet fx but whit the resulution

      I go whit supersampling throw nvidia settings and geting the 4K resulution downsampled to 1080P and its look and runs silkes smooth !

      Just google how to do and your gonna be happy whit the results. Constant 75hz/sec 4K !!

      But i too would like to have sweetfx to correct the colors.

      / Cheers

  13. Hello Kegetys !

    Greate thanks for this plugin, it’s stunning I have droped AC / RF2 & Iracing this is just THAT GOOD !

    But whit ENB enabled I getting a black feild from digiinfo, and its just infront of the view, is it possible to simply turn of the hole digi square/window throw the misc dll’s ?

    I tryed to turn it of in menus and also to zero x zero in dll but it was still there ?!!

    Would be soo happy If you could help me out whit this as it would compleat my hole experience to correct the colors as I would like to have them.

    // Many thanks, Andreas

  14. Hello Kegetys !

    Can You make this modification for google cardbord like solutions?
    I use this program http://trinusvr.com/ for VR. It works well with RBR but has no headtracking.
    Program supports many protocols for headtracking. Can You add support for this?

  15. Great mod, one question. i noticed that sometimes when the car is upset.. like when you mess a corner up, under some circumstances the view seems to go behind the car and jerk about. only happens when you mess up. is there a fix for this? other than driving properly haha

  16. I have a AMD 290 GPU. I have setup windows to use the Rift as only display (otherwise everything judders, so: in screen resolution: show desktop only on 1).
    With RBR everything works fine, no judder, except.. I am always starting in the co-driver seat. In rbrift.cfg the codriverMode is set to 0, which should have me in the driver seat, but I am not. When I change codriverMode to 2, then I am in the driver seat. But this only works when I have the Rift as “extend these displays” in windows, and therefore I have massive judder…
    Can someone help me with this? Thanks.

    • You are probably using the “dash” camera view (that is replaced with the codriver camera by the mod), just press the “change camera” button to cycle between the different cameras.

  17. Hi Kegetys,

    Are there any plans to update this for the newer Oculus runtimes? RBR crashes whenever I launch the game since upgrading to (still using extended mode).

    • The newer runtimes no longer support Direct3D 9 that RBR uses so getting it to work with those is quite difficult unfortunately. I might take a look at some point but I don’t have much time for it in the near future.

  18. hi when or where can I get a version of this to work the new 0.7 oculus runtime and windows 10 to play rbr in my oculus as it now only has direct mode ?

  19. Thanks Thanks and Thanks!!! It’s the best oculus mod for simulation cars. I am enjoying a lot with the DK2.

    I hope it will be available with next CV1.


  20. Thanks for the mod!! Works great with older Oculus 0.5 runtime.

    Unfortunately oculus no longer support direct 3D 9 but
    I still hope this will be available with cv1 too.

    But great job kegetys!!

  21. Fantastic, works great on my DK2, first time playing the game even tho I had it on my shelf for ages! Thanks for the great mod :)

  22. Hi!
    Amazing work!

    Does it work when I install RBR 2012 MOD or 2015 MOD??


  23. Hi !

    Thank you for your amazing mod !
    Do you know if it works with 0.8 runtime ?

    RBR doesn’t find my Rift and it is not possible anymore to enable the “extended mode” in oculus settings.

    Thank you again

    • No, it does not work with the newer runtimes as Oculus dropped support for the older ones and the new runtimes do not support D3D9 anymore.

  24. Amazing work! Thank you so much!

    For the people trying to run it with the newer runtimes. (which won’t work)- you need to switch to 0.5 runtime. google “RTU package to switch between oculus 0.7 and 0.5 runtime on W7/W8/W10 (just unzip and play)”.

  25. Moro Kegetys,

    strugling with Windows10 -problem. How to run amazing RBRally on W10? I could not play RBR since my old XP PC passed away. Missing the best rallygame. I have the original installation DVD. W10 installes it, but dont run (nothing happens).

    Thnx & Cheers


  26. Hi there every one. Ive been playing rbr since the begining and when i saw the mod for the oculus i knew i just had to get one. My heart has been broken by complete lack of technical knowledge and my total in ability to get this mod to work. I this the issue is with the rsrbr mode as i know you recomend a “vanilla” install. I have however seen people run this mod with rsrbr. The closest i have got to getting it working is launching the game and my main moniter goes blank and the dk2 shows my desk top. I can hear the audio from the game so it is running just not how it should.
    Please say this a simple fix amd im just being a total tool.
    Quick specs
    Windows 7
    Dk2 with sdk and runtime 0.5
    Run in extended mode
    Fimware updated.
    Rbr patch 1.01 and 1.02 installed.

    Ps i have run the oculus with other mods to verify it works.

    Please please please any help massivly apreciated.

  27. wow, so great to see this exists, can’t wait to play this in VR… Any chance you will work on Vive integration too?

  28. I’m confirming that Rift mod still works with DK2 with Windows 10 and runtime 1.3 installed, as long as you can get the runtime running in extended display mode in Windows.
    This is trickier than expected, even with runtime switchers floating around in internet.

    It is best to uninstall all oculus software and install runtime, and make sure that you can get it working out of the box. Only then continue.

    Later you are going to need ‘directdisplayconfig.exe’ from runtime or, because “directdisplayconfig.exe off” enables extended mode after runtime 1.3 has already been started once.

  29. ty i make a litlle donation for your great work..
    Its possible make it work with Rsrbr 2016?

    • Hi Silvia, i gave up on rsrbr, but i got it working with REALRALLY 2016 Mod, its similar

  30. Hi again,

    Do you think that RBR will be compatible with new Oculus CV1?

    I would make a donation for sure if you have to make a plugin.


  31. Hello Kegetys!

    Hope you’re doing well.

    Do you have any plan to “try” make your mod compatible with the latest 1.3 runtime and Oculus Rift CV1? Im throwing my money to the screen :)

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello. I’d like to update it but since 1.3 SDK no longer supports Direct3D 9 it would be quite a lot of work to do it. I’d hope to find time for it in the near future but its not certain I will…

      • please make it support for Vive since oculus 1.3 is impossible. I will donate as much as i can . Thanks

      • Is it possible to try to support HTC Vive instead? If you don’t have time can you at least explain to me how you mod the files to support VR? I’m a programmer but I have never done something similar and I would like to learn how you managed to support Oculus Rift.

        • I just got myself a Vive as a local retailer had them in stock. I’ll definately have a look if supporting SteamVR would be possible. Cant promise when but hopefully soon-ish.

          • That’s great news, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you and if you need some testing.

  32. Please kegetys do this for us ! Only you can do . (do it for a price, i dont know if you can or how)But I will make a generous donation for this. Please we are in your hands .
    And an appeal to all :
    if you make it compatible with the 1.3 it will be a great service for all! Guys, do not be stingy if it will happen and pull the money out !!!!

  33. Hi Kegetys,
    congratulations for RBRift. Thats the only reason I own an Oculus dk2.
    It would be perfect if you find the time to make it working in CV1.

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