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  1. Wow, Keijo, thanks again! :)

    The codriver mode is such a great idea! I just tried it and it works superb. I just asked a friend of mine to come over to check it out. He will be here in 30 minutes. :)

    If such great updates keep coming you force me to place another donation. Ingame driver model would be awesome! ;)

  2. I just donated what I could spare to thank you for what you’ve done, I am going to get hours and hours of enjoyment out of this game thanks to your mod.

    Can you add a way to reverse the codriver mode, so the driver is in the rift and the passenger is on the monitor? I’m sure this might be possible just by moving the codriver camera to the side..
    This could also lead to a real co-driver mode, watching the screen and calling out pacenotes in person, while the driver is in the rift.

    • Yes, please. This would be a very welcome feature for hotseat rallying, where friends get to “comment” ones driving. :)

    • Yes you could do this now by reversing the camera positions, though you would get no virtual HUD on the driver then which could be a problem. I’ll see into adding something like it in the future.

  3. Hey Keijo,

    there seems to be a problem with the windscreen wiper. If it’s raining and the wipers are moving, they only move on the left eye. Therefore the 3d effect gets broken. Maybe you could have a look at that? Just start a rain race to see the effect.

    Apart from that I’m having a blast playing RBR again! :)


    • Yes, the wiper is a known issue. Its actually a RBR bug, the wipers get broken when FPS is very high. You can see it happening even without RBRift if you disable vsync… With RBRift, when the right eye is rendered the FPS “seen” by the game is essentially infinite so the bug is always there and its difficult to fix unfortunately.

      • Alright, thanks for the explanation. Do you know whether there is way to at least deactivate rain for the championship mode? I don’t like it anyways. :) I digged around in some config files, but I couldn’t make much of it. Even though there are some files that sound pretty promising. For example bad_w.ini which is somehow a array definition for bad weather chances for each track. But I don’t really get it. :)

        • you can hide the wippers for the car you’re running… i find that better than having them only in the left eye… for example, if you’re driving the impreza 03, you can open the \Cars\IMPREZA03\impreza03.ini file, search for the i_wiper_l and i_wiper_r sections, and set Switch to true.

          • Great, thanks for that tip! Even though it’s still incredibly difficult to drive on wet surface :) But at least I can see the trees I’m crashing into now clearly! :)

  4. Amazing job on the rift implementation, thanks for this. If only actual VR games got the presentation down as well as this mod does.

  5. Some more feature suggestions, a hat in my hands so to speak:

    As mentioned in earlier version comments, something to increase contrast in stages such as Fraiser Wells would be handy. It is very hard to make out road in some Finland and USA stages with Rift.

    Also, about the FOV: I’m sure you have thought and tested out it a lot, and currently the view does look very realistic. But I feel I’m not as afraid as I possibly should be when taking Ouninpohja fast sections flat out, even with eye relief 0 on Rift. (Note: I haven’t been in a rally car so I really don’t know what to expect.)
    If you did try with a bit higher FOV, did it feel natural or warped?

    Thank you for your superb work! :)

    • FOV comes from the Oculus SDK and generally changing it to something other than what the actual physical fov is is a big no no. But hopefully the consumer Rift will have a wider fov. DK1 has a much wider fov and for whatever reason it was reduced in DK2 (maybe because of the smaller screen).

      Very true about the contrast in some stages, I was thinking of adding some postprocess effects for changing the colors. I’ll see if I can find time for it.

  6. As a reply to my own question; sense of speed can be increased a lot without changes to FOV by using overly high position for seating camera. One can see more of the road whizzing under the bonnet at a closer distance.

    • nevermind my noobness. :)

      i was able to run enbseries mod with rbrift as as proxy.

      the only problem i have is when i enable enbseries, the whole HUD
      area becomes black… i tried moving the HUD behind the driver (-1.0),
      but then enbseries will not do anything to the graphics.

      leaving this here in case anyone has a solution to this issue.

      • Hi Alexabdre!

        I am to very eager to solve this, the enb is totaly blacks out the info/digidash and it’s just infront of you so nothing can be seen of the road !!

        Did you find any solutions ?

        Would be so greatfull to see a respons from you.

        Thanks, Andreas from Sweden

  7. I get this error message when trying to start it up: “Could not find any compatible Direct3D devices. Richard Burns Rally will now exit.”

    What do I do? I installed this game a few days ago, and it worked in the rift, but I was sat in the wrong seat. I uninstalled it after I could figure out how to move my seat, but when I saw this update and figured out that you could just use the numpad I wanted to try again.

  8. great job, especially the “menudesktop” and the hud are realized wonderfully. I wish the modern day sims would have such a great rift implementation.

    back to the wheel now :)

  9. Cheers for such a great Rift experience! Breathing life into a 12 year old game! :D

    Seems like the seat forward and backward is actually FOV?
    In the default setting, I dont really feel a sense of 3D that much, and everything looks a little fake.
    But if I move the FOV forward toward the bonnet, basically zooming in the FOV, it looks a lot more realistic. Is it possible to have control for the actual seat? So you can zoom in the FOV but pull back to still see the cockpit?

    I really think that would make this perfect… oh and driver hands! eerie not seeing any ;)


  10. Is there a way to make the camera less shaky on bumps?

    Compared to AC, RBR in the Rift makes me a little ill with all the jumping around.

  11. Awesome mod! Just donated to keep you motivated to continue improving these mods! :)
    It would be nice to also be able to enable HDR mods, none I have tried works…
    An in-game FPS meter is also handy when tweaking settings, although the one in RBRdll seems to work. Great job Kegetys!

  12. First Hat off !! Superb ad on, i am stunned by the fun & realism factor.

    My question:

    When using RSRBR 2015 mod is start up good but in the virtual monitor i only see the usual car ang the 2 guys but no menu !

    I’m compleatly new to this and a total noob ;)

    Any solutions to solve this ?

    Best regards Andreas from Sweden

  13. Hey,

    Great dll, used it guite a bit last year..
    Any plans to suport official sdk?

    – mcine

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