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  1. Is it possible to lock the camera to the horizon with this mod? Would be a great addition.

  2. Nice!!! contact me i will tech you on how to add driver and codriver to make it a little bit more
    realistic :D

    • I don’t have an occulus rift, yet, but I still want to see the driver and the codriver in the cockpit view — how can I do that?

  3. Pretty incredible stuff ! The virtual scene for the menu was a nice surprise too. I’m juste having a hard time re-centering since I don’t have a numpad on my keyboard, so I have to plug in another board when I want to play … You should put the same combination as Assetto Corsa (Ctrl + space) for re-centering.

    But thank you so much, I’ve been dreaming about this !

  4. Brilliant job! I´m so eager to test rift dk2 with RBR. Unfortunately, I couldn´t get it to work with RSRBR2014. I tried to start default game from RichardBurnsRally_SSE. It was showing different shades of green and blue full screen on rift. Perhaps I have to re-install, and test with “vanilla”. Any suggestions what to try before re-install operation?

  5. Hi guys, I try to run the game in windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and I get an error of incompatibility with the version of windows I am running, I tried to install it on a friend’s computer with windows 7 home premium 64 bit and here if you install no problem, as I can solve it, thank you very much

  6. Hello Keijo,

    What can I say ? Your work is AMAZING ! How the hell did you tranformed the complete RBR game to the Virtual Reality by just copying only two files.
    It is so easy to read and interact with the interface ! The virtuals screen in the Virtual office is amazing !!! The small paper on the table with clear instructions, and the animation of the rift in our face before the race start is incredible !
    What a nice and clear ideas you have !!!
    You are millions times better than big company names ( EA sport and others ) to give a second life to RBR.
    Just congrats, what a nice and clear ideas you have , and keep up the good work !!
    Your work diserve to be spread to all the racesim websites and VR sites ! ( Thanks reddit for this news )
    And a million thanks for your works you are brillant with high skills !
    Thumb UP :)


  7. Love your work! The install was painless, the virtual desktop/menu is genius and the game worked perfectly first time. I just wanted to say thanks.

    For anyone that wants to try this that hasn’t already got RBR, you can buy a downloadable version here for 8GBP:

    After installing it, patch it to version 1.02:

    Then all you have to do is copy two of Keijo’s files across into the game directory. Couldn’t be easier!

  8. Wow – great!

    Could you do your magic for RFACTOR2 please – there is a demo available on the ISI site.

  9. Awesome job,
    you have done the best rift implementation i ever seen, now devs have the best exemple, not only

    • (fail)
      not only a half implementation!!
      thousands Thanks for this !!

      ps: a plugins for Rfactor 2 would be awesome too xD

  10. This is absolutely fantastic and spot on execution. Thank you very much Kegetys!

    Seems that rbr_rx.dll works too, although cockpit view does show only sky dome outside of the cabin. This problem is only in BTB tracks. However external car views still work properly, and one can drag the camera inside the car for the working cabin view.

    I haven’t tested with just vanilla + rbr_rx.dll yet. The current installation has clear modded windscreens in cabin view, and the alpha channel in the windscreen texture might have something to do with it.

    • Looks like there is some conflict with the rbr_rx plugin, I will try to get it fixed in the future. Meanwhile a workaround seems to be to set ‘UseCubicEnvironmentMaps = false’ in RichardBurnsRally.ini and it seems to render correctly for me then.

      • Works for me too with UseCubicEnvironmentMaps off. Thanks! :)

  11. Your are awesome! first your conversion of jouxplane for assetto ,now this brilliant tweak for oculus rift. But i have a question about richard graphics. kegetys, how i can get more brilliant and vivid colors using oculus rift? i feel a bit “palid” colors comparating typical monitor playing.

    of course, sorry my english! seriusly you are awesome

  12. Hey Kegetys, thank you for your work.
    But I have an issue, the desktop in VR works wonderfully but the game closes back to desktop without notification before the loading of a track.
    I have RBR 1.02, no mods, and it works wonderfully in the menu.

    Can you help me ? Thank you !

    • If you just installed RBR, make sure the tracks load without d3d9.dll.

      In case RBR still crashes without Kegetys’s mod, it is known that all kinds of things can crash RBR these days, such as with some laptops sound cards not detecting active output paths for sound. Also make sure that you install the complete DirectX9 installation set, which is harder to find (the light DirectX9 web installer may not cut it).

      • The game runs perfectly fine without the rift.
        I installed the complete DX9 just to be sure but it still doesn’t work on the rift. And how do you load tracks without d3d9.dll ?

        I also changed the path of the game, different HDD, SSD… Raaah !

        But thank you for your advices !

        • Sorry to hear that…

          In vanilla installation D3d9.dll is not needed by RBR directly under RBR directory, and normally it would use the one directx provides under system32 or similar path. The one Kegetys mod provide is the magical dll that provides all Rift stuff and if that is removed, the game should play normally without Rift.

          Don’t know it this detail is of any help, but I have OR assigned the left of my main display, as it makes life easier with some other sims. I have nVidia display adapter.

          Also contrary to other sims with OR, you do not have to set OR as your main display, as Kegetys’s ORmod runs RBR automatically on the secondary screen.

          Only bug I’ve seen excluding cubic mapping bug with BTB extra tracks, is that sometimes when I launch RBR, I can see only blue stripes whizzing from side to side on OR screen (alt-f4 and retry usually helps). Probably occasional syncing issue with OR display.

          • Ok, so I tried v1.1 but still the same issue… The VR menu works until it loads a track.

            But thank you anyway Kegetys !

  13. man, just have to say this is awesome… you’re giving us an opportunity to play this great sim in the rift… there are just no words to describe how thankful i am for this… sending some donation your way, keep it up!

  14. This is the best implementation I’ve seen for the Rift, I’m absolutely having a blast! Thank you! Thank you!

    The only issue I have so far, and it is pretty minor, is that the Pacenote editor plugin won’t load when viewing over the rift. It loads fine when playing on a flat monitor. Perhaps the Rift DLL and the Pacenote editor DLLs are trying to use the same hooks, or the popup for the editor isn’t rendering in the visible screen region when Rifting?

    The pacenotes have to be loaded each time running a BTB track, so it can’t be done while rifting.

    • Hi,

      search for a file called windowpositions.ini or something likewise in the pacenoteplugin-related directory, change the coordinates for the windowposition in there to find out, if this solves ther issue. ;)

      I am just wondering if your files work fine together with the next generation physics mod for rbr?

      I use your triplehead solution for years now, thanks!

  15. Thank you soooo much! The implementation is just awesome. It’s so much better than what most of the big studios do with there games. The menu is genius, especially how you put on the rift when the race starts. :)

    Since I got the DK2 I always thought about how awesome it would be to play RBR with it. But I could not imagine that someone would do a implementation for such an old game!

    Again, thanks so much! Great work!

  16. How do I get the camera on the correct side? Every time I load it’s on the passenger side

  17. HI Kegetys

    Thankyou so so much for this awesome mod – you have brought RBR back to life for me.

    I have noticed that you are interested in Gliding – could you PLEASE make a similar mod to this for CONDOR SOARING SIMULATOR??? Condor is the best gliding sim EVER but is seriously lacking now with no rift support… Rift would make it mind blowing


    • Glad you like it :)

      Condor uses Direct3D 6 I believe so a mod like this would be quite difficult for it (The whole rendering would need to be wrapped to a newer D3D version). It would be interesting to have but probably not worth the effort, especially since I can just fly a real glider instead ;)

  18. Nice job!
    Can it works whit oculus SDK 0.7 or 0.8???

  19. Hello there,

    Any plans to update for CV1 1.3 ? Just got my rift and would love to try out some RBR.

    • Not at the moment, problem is that the Oculus SDK no longer supports Direct3D 9 which RBR uses and supporting it would be quite a complicated thing now. It would require first wrapping RBR from Direct3D9 to Direct3D9Ex and then creating a Direct3D11 layer for oculus with shared surface…

      But I might look into it once I get my hands on a CV1 (or the Vive). One option is to support SteamVR/OpenVR in which case it should work with CV1 as well as far as I know, but I haven’t looked into that at all.

      • Hi, Just wondering if anyone is able to make this work with REALRALLY 2016 Mod, It installs a d3d9.dll file and when i replace it with the oculus d3d9.dll it redownloads a bunch of files.

        • got it working,open hdrfx_rbr.ini and put this in

          then renamed the game d3d9.dll to rbr_d3d9.dll and then put oculus .dll in and works fine.

      • Hmmm. Would it help if you were donated a CV1? Maybe a bunch of us could go in and get one for you.

        Just want to say, i loved playing RBR on the DK2. It was my favorite game for the DK2, and probably my favorite game of all the games i have. Your mod made a great game, amazing! I tried Dirt: Rally on the DK2 (before codemasters broke it.) To me, the graphics looked nice, but it just didn’t feel right and the physics don’t feel all that real. Then the overall interface was clunky. I just want to get in and rally! Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for your work on RBR!

        • Well, I have to say that owning just the DK2 doesn’t exactly motivate me hugely to work on an update for RBR (I haven’t even touched the DK2 for many months). But on the other hand I can’t guarantee that I would even get RBR working with the new SDK given the complexity of the implementation… But if someone wants to donate a CV1 for such a purpose I will gladly receive one of course, and give it my best shot :)

          • Make a link to donate money so you can buy a cv1 , as requested! let’s start with this otherwise we are stuck!!

  20. Hello! great job !!
    I am very gratefulI| have already sent two donations to thank you .. I would ask you a question .. E ‘ can somehow disable the animation in the game of oculus before each race , when it goes down before the start..annoys my eyes a lot! TY again for great work!!

    • Thanks for donations :)

      Disabling the animation is currently not possible, but if I ever get around updating the mod to SDK 1.3 I’ll include that feature.

  21. Yes, the update to 1.3 would be great. I would pay for that. Regards

  22. So sad. All I wanted was some RBR and Dirt Rally – only reason I bought the Rift was for rally and no games support it yet. At least a DR patch is on the way.

    I understand it would probably be a lot of work for an RBR update if its even possible. I was always jealous of the DK2 owners running RBR so when I finally got my CV1 it was such a disappointment that it didnt work with anything I wanted it for. ..wahh! :)

    Anyways thanks for supporting RBR as much as you have! I appreciate all the hard work.

  23. Pls tell us you think to do a 1.3 runtime patch PLS!!I I pay for that

  24. I asked him to create a link to make donations to buy the cv1 , otherwise we are stuck …without it he cant do the job:(

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