ArmA mods

Note: This is old content for ArmA 1 and likely does not work in ArmA 2

A few people have asked for cpbo to be updated to work with Arma 3 PBOs and the possibility of releasing the source. I dont have the time to work on it and its a very old project anyway so here is the source code: download.

The source is licensed under LGPL v2.1 and should compile with Visual Studio 2005.

ArmA Tools

Contains the following ArmA tools:

– cpbo v2.12 – PBO extractor/repacker
– unRap v1.06 – For decoding raP encoded files (such as config.bin), sample output
– PAAplug v1.2 – PAA format plugin for Adobe Photoshop
– UE SQF Highlight – SQF/SQS Syntax highlighting for UltraEdit, screenshot

Updates in 7.7.2010 release:

– fixed cpbo crash when extracting PBOs without header block

Updates in 29.6.2010 release:

– fixed cpbo extraction issues with some PBOs

Updates in 6.6.2009 release:

– cpbo now has an optional GUI for selecting files to extract: right click a PBO and select ‘Extract PBO…’ to show the dialog. (run the cpbo.exe first to create the registry association)
– PAAplug support for loading ArmA 2 LZO compressed PAA files
– PAAPlug fix for FLAG tag saving (mipmap filtering)

Updates in 30.3.2007 release:

– unRap class fix
– UE syntax highlight fixes & updates


ArmAlib extends the scripting capabilities of Armed Assault making it possible to use an SQLite database, download data from the web, communicate with in-game scripts in real time using named pipes, and other various features.

List of current features:
Access to two SQLite databases
HTTP GET support to retrieve data from the web
Windows clipboard access (set and get string)
Setting mouse cursor position (same as ArmA function ‘setMousePosition’ which does not work)
Retrieving mouse information, including cursor position, “relative” positions and button states
Setting TrackIR X,Y,Z and roll axis freedom for “6DOF” support
Retrieving the current viewdistance, camera X/Y FOV, current screen resolution and arma command line
Creating Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID)
Night vision goggles effect detection
‘ScriptLink’ feature, which allows real time communication with external applications using a Windows named pipe
Debug output

Download installer.

Download a few example missions demonstrating some ArmAlib features here: samples.

The spectating script allows dead players to spectate other players, replacing the default seagull mode.

– Free, chase, flyby, top-down and 1st person cameras
– Automatic display of all units in the mission
– Camera control with mouse and keyboard shortcuts
– Unit tags (Colored dots above units) and 3D bullet path indicators (with client addon)
– Night vision and missile camera
– Drop camera feature (Mouse + WSAD keys to move camera)
– Clickable minimap and full screen map with markers indicating unit positions and weapons fire
– Butterfly mode

Download the script here (For multiplayer mission designers): download

Download optional client side addon here:
Spectating Script v1.0 Client addon
When this addon is installed you get some improved features when using the Spectating Script, such as better markers.

ArmA Launcher v1.11

The OFP Launcher converted to support Armed Assault (not ArmA 2)

Supports mods, server querying with watcher feature, automatic TrackIR launch and more.

Version 1.11 fixes watcher sound bug
Version 1.1 fixes a few bugs and adds support for new command line parameters


Lowplants low detail vegetation v1.1

Changes the vegetation in Armed Assault to use the ‘very low’ detail shaders when shader detail is set to a higher setting. This gives a performance boost without the visual quality loss of using ‘very low’ shaders everwhere, so normal maps etc. shader effects will still be used in vehicles & units.

The mod also modifies the Sahrani grass appearance and density for improved performance and appearance. Some vegetation textures are also modified a bit to make them look better with the very low shaders.

Queens Gambit addon is required.