5 comments on “Dirt Rally 2 VR eye accomodation fix v2.0

  1. Thanks for this MOD!
    It makes DR2 a lot more fun. The lighting had been driving me crazy and although there was a lot of discussion on the developer website, it was never fixed.
    Also the haze reduction makes Finland much more playable. I never thought fog of performance like in N64 days would be a thing in new games.

  2. Thank you so much for this mod, I’ve been using it since release and tipped you for your awesome work! Going to give V2 a try tonight.

    Maybe you could look at one more issue and thats the colour bit depth when using the Oculus SDK in VR, to my untrained eyes it looks like the colour bit depth has been reduced in the Oculus SDK version compared to the OpenVR version leading to bad banding in gradients especially visible at night.

    Thanks again for this mod!

    • Thanks for the tip! I do not use Oculus hardware myself so I can’t really look into problems there unfortunately.

  3. Great work, finlay the game comes to live again whit good lightning in VR and coloors showing like on screen

  4. Fantastic little mod – thankyou kegety.

    It includes all the fixes I had hoped would be sorted since release but honestly I thought they never would be. My only minor comment is that for me (using SteamVR and a Pimax headset) if I leave the alpha to coverage vegetation config turned on the tree LOD becomes very odd and I can see the LOD changing for all the trees and flora as I drive which is distracting.

    So if anyone else notices that, just turn that setting off (Set it to “0″ in the config). I don’t know if this is more noticeable on high res headsets or an unintended bug/side effect of some sort.

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