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  1. Is there a way to disable the RBR VR mod temporarily? I love the mod but I would still like to play on the flat screen sometimes.

    • @Martin
      Yes just rename d3d9.dll to d3d9.off
      and under Plugins folder rename RBRvrConfig.dll to RBRvrConfig.off

  2. Hello, I have a low end pc and I was wondering if this would work on it. Specs are : intel core i3 6006u, intel HD 520, 8GB RAM DDR3. I’m trying to set up a program that emulates a VR headset in my phone and from there through a normal VR box, just so I take a small taste of what VR is, so 30 FPS performance would be good. Thanks

    • it is waste of time. maybe you will get some 5 fps with big latency. so really – just to see how VR can looks like, but no way to play any racing simulator.

    • Don’t even think about using your phone for VR… It’s gonna be awful and not what VR is…

  3. Hi,

    Is there a way to get the vr app working with reshade please?

    The reshade is called the same d3d9.dll and in this case it can only be one or another.

    What about d3d9VR.dll, is something like that possible please?


    • Most likely multiple layers like this will not work without quite a bit of additional effort. I’ll see if it would be possible to make the DLL loaded by RBRvr be configurable, but most likely it will not work correctly regardless.

  4. Is there any way to save camera position permanently? Or even better is there any way to have all cars have correct camera out of the box with some mod or plugin?

    • Based on my experiences, the camera positions are permanently saved into the 8 car slots (starting with car_0) in the rbrvr.cfg file, if you change them in the game.
      So, when you choose the same car to drive, and you install that car into that same slot in the game, which you saved that car last time, the camera position will be the same. (I use rallysimfans.hu plugin, other plugins may work in the same approach.)
      The user needs to remember, which slot was used for a car, but there are only 8 car slots. So, if you drive more than 8 cars regularly, you will overwrite the VR cam positions in case of at least 1 car-slot when you change the cam position in VR.

    • I can’t change camera positions at all. Is there a known plugin that stops the keypad arrow keys from working? Or is it a problem with the current version of the plugin no longer recognizing numpad commands? I’ve also tried manually changing some values in the rbrvr.cfg, but besides that not showing any differences in game I don’t have a clue what the 3 coordinates stand for.

      My workaround is to overcompensate my viewing angle when pressing the recenter view button, but that also messes with the view in the main menu. Mostly having the deskchair appear in front of your face, blocking the view of the virtual monitors.

  5. Hi. Is it possible to ad custom dash in vr mode. Maybe U can create something like that?

    • You can use the same custom dashes in VR as in nonVR mode.
      You may need to adjust the position and size of the dash in \Misc\digidash_XXXX.ini (XXXX relates to your resolution), or in \Misc\minidashXXXX.ini, if you use minidash instead of full dash.
      On the top of that it is wirth to spend some time with adjsutment of hudScale and hudDistance parameters in rbrvr.cfg file.

  6. Hi,

    would be there a way somehow to implement FidelityFX Super Resolution as an option?
    I read and saw positive experiencies of improvement in FPS with utilization of this method of AMD, but IDK if it makes sense to invest any working hour into a development.
    I made a trial on this, but it did not work (replacement of files based on the instructions from the github page, but the game did not start, I don’t remember the message popped up).

    This is just a question came up in my mind, and I don’t really know if it would be worth any effort, but this would be very helpful in case of VR-problematic stages, especially the unplayable Verkiai stages, if it works.

    On the other hand I appreciate Keijo’s work very much, this RBR-mod brought a completely new RBR-world for me, big THX!


  7. As soon as I enter the game, it displays: unable to init openvr runtime. Installation NOT FOUND.

  8. Is it possible to change the VR world scale ? Everything looks very small for me.

    In steamVR it can be adjusted for most games but for RBRvr it seems to have no effect.

    Thank you.

    • For me everything looks realistically sized.
      I can feel the difference ie between the size of the Fiesta WRC and Escort RS A8.
      I am on a Rift S.
      So, I basically think that the world scale is OK.

      • It’s not the same for everyone, it depends on the distance between the two images are rendered and your IPD. This is why it is configurable in SteamVR and some other games.

        I have in pretty much every VR game the same – everything is too small, luckily I can configure it. But in Rbr the steamVR setting does not have any effect :(

  9. Phenomenal mod. Great for those who are getting bored by the Dirt Rally 2.0 stages.
    The only issue I have is that I cannot use the handbrake with the Rift controllers. Steering, accelerating and breaking works fine.

  10. Has anyone had luck with a quest 2 and oculus link? I am not getting any head tracking in game. Made sure to uninstall TrackIR to rule that out. Huge thanks to the creator for all the hard work.

  11. RBR RSF Richard Burns Rally-SSE.exe Failed to start properlyIs there a solutio?

  12. Hello Kegetys,
    In your RBR1.6 patch, can we change the FOV
    I work in Oculus Rift S
    Thank you for your reply.
    Alain jaeger

  13. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your very great work !!!! it’s not the same game :)

    – Is it possible to change the FOV on the screen (not on the VR device)?
    – can we disabled the view on screen to get more performance ? (if it relevant)
    – in the future update, is it possible to keep working the GUI on pacenote plugin for edit notes? or this question is more for WorkerBee ?

    Many Thanks !

    • – Is it possible to change the FOV on the screen (not on the VR device)?

      I think the good way, is to force the RBR resolution with the same ratio as the VR device
      for me 1030×1080 with the oculus quest 2 (1832×1920)

  14. Great work, Keygetys!!!
    I`ve managed to run VR on hp reverb in HD res. But when I was trying to run full res (4320×2160) I got an error “Unable to initialize DirectX 9 device”. I`ve found on the web some instructions how to solve this problem, but none of this worked. Is there any possibility to run in 4K res?

    • The resolution limit should be mainly up to your GPU, I think Direct3D 9 should support up to 8192×8192. But at least check you aren’t running other scaling on top, like the supersampling in the mod itself that could increase the resolution further.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for these great mods for VR! But unfortunately I’m having huge stuttering issues with HP Reverb G2, it doesn’t matter what the resolution or supersampling is. All other games run fine in VR, this problem only occurs with Dirt Rally 2.0 and RBR.

        I have RTX3080Ti ,CPU is i9-10900k and a whole lot of headroom for steady fps in both games. Just tried both with Rift S and they run flawlessly with SS at 180% in Dirt Rally and 200% in RBR.

        Any tips what to do to get rid of the frame drops/stuttering?

        • No clue what could be causing that… If its visible in multiple games it sounds like a problem with SteamVR, but no idea what.

        • Moikka! Minulla on sama ongelma HP Reverb G2:n kanssa. Koneteho kyllä riittää! Olen ratkaissut ongelmaa Suomen pätkillä poistamalla erikoiskokeen tiedostostosta “Materials” kohdat “tievarsi_kasvillisuus” tai “Vege1” ja “Vege2”. Ojista tulee paljaita, eli kasvillisuus häviää, mutta ruudun päivitys paranee. Ruuhimäki on kuitenkin sellainen pätkä, että sitä en ole saanut toimimaan nykimättä millään konstilla. Oculus Rift S-laseilla ruudun päivitys on ihan OK.

      • Some updates:
        That was my first rig:
        HW: asus h61m-k, i5, gtx950, 8gb RAM. SW: fresh install w10, original rbr v1.02 no mods, steamvr. I could run rbr in HD only. Game runs rather smoothly, only in some stages (Sieversdorf for example) there was visible framerate drops. And I coudn`t run mixed reality portal in full res, so I suspected unsufficent performance of GPU.
        So I came with second setup:
        HW: asus p8h67-m-le, i7, 16gb RAM, aorus gtx 1080. SW: fresh install of w10, original rbr v1.02 no mods, steamvr. Mixed Reality Portal runs in perfect quality 4320×2160 @90Hz. But when I change in RichardBurnRally.ini Xres = 4320 and Yres = 2160, I got the same error. I tried some higher res than HD, the same error. I ran RichardBurnsRally.exe, *_NoSSE.exe and *._SSE.exe. the same error.
        Any ideas?

  15. Hi Kegetys,

    I had issues getting the game to run correctly for any period of time, but i was very intrigued by the vr mod, and when i upgraded my computer and installed a fresh operating system, i was hopeful that i wouldn’t encounter the same issues.

    I unfortunately still have the game crash. I can reproduce the issue by starting a game, and pinning the throttle. It crashes 100% of the time when i max the throttle out a few times. This is with default settings and no additoinal plugins. When the game crashes, i hear the audio repeating a small bit of throttle sound from the game until i reboot the computer. I have now found 3 different sources for the rbr installer online, and they are all the same exact size. Do you have any idea what i could try next?

    The sysinternals debug view shows the following:
    [10920] Emitter g_spark_emitter not found!
    [10920] Emitter g_debris_a_emitter not found!
    [10920] 3524 RBRvr: Gamestate now: 13 (was 5) (camera is 4)
    [10920] 3524 RBRvr: Gamestate now: 10 (was 13) (camera is 10)
    [10920] 3524 RBRvr: Began animation
    [10920] 3524 RBRvr: Camera 0 offset changed: 0.000000 -3.030138 0.823695
    [10920] 3524 RBRvr: Camera 1 offset changed: 0.000000 -1.352244 1.020615
    [10920] 3524 RBRvr: Camera 2 offset changed: 0.339627 -1.266099 1.014271
    [10920] 3524 RBRvr: Gamestate now: 1 (was 10) (camera is 4)
    [10920] 3524 RBRvr: Animation is finished
    [10920] memory used by CLM_AnimationControllerPRSSampled:
    [10920] 1
    [10920] 5
    [10920] 5
    [10920] 1
    [10920] 4
    [10920] kb.

  16. I managed to get it working. it wasn’t the mods fault. I actually just had to run the game as administrator.

  17. Hello Kegetys, can you change the IPD, I have 73 and I feel a gene after 1/2 of driving?

    Hello Kegetys, can you change the IPD in your software, I am at 73 if you want to be paid please let me know.

    • The IPD comes directly from SteamVR, you’ll need to adjust it there (ie. from your headset)

  18. hello i can’t stop the camera from moving around.
    I use virtual desktop and quest 2 wireless.
    Can change the position of the seat with the controllers or numpad but it does not stay in the same spot when driving, it float all over the place.
    Can i fix the seat in place of lock it and can i disable quest controllers ?
    thanks because its now unplayable :(

  19. Hi!
    I just started RBR with your mod and the Screen is shown in my Pimax 5K, but the Eyes are switched. I didn’t find a way to fix this in any .ini or .cfg Can you help me out?

    • Sounds very odd, the eye alignment come from OpenVR so I would guess something goes wrong there. Unless there is something exotic about the 5K that my mod doesn’t support… Can’t really be much help unfortunately since I don’t have the headset.

      • Hey Kegetys, thanks for your answer and sorry for my Double-Post.
        I toggled the Alignment in the Pi(maxx)-Tool Software to a suitable setting and after testing the game a few times it became familiar with the Pimaxx by itself (or whatever), so i could change the Alignment in Pi-Tools back to default and everything was fine!
        …except in Rfactor2… There the Alignment suddenly was broken, but i also fixed this.
        So let’s guess what will happen if weill start RBR again…
        Slowly, after about 35 years of struggling with computer-shit since i had my C16, i begin to realize what it means to be a Veteran…

  20. Hi!!
    Been using the VR module for sometime; but I found when using a Pimax 5Ks in its widest fov and trying to add supersampling in the rbrvr.cfg file, the game simply refuse to start.
    When living the SS at 1 the games starts; is there a resolution limit that’s limit the use of SS in pimax?

    • Direct3D 9 at least has a limit, though with modern GPUs I believe it should be 16384×16384. Not sure if you can hit that with the pimax (both eyes combined in one buffer). It could also be that RBR itself can’t handle something lower like 8192×8192. RBRvr itself should have no limits, so if something doesn’t work its likely unfortunately probably not fixable very easily.

  21. Hello when I launch rbrvr appears this “present thread initialization failed” issue and I tried many things also ticking the “Override 2D resolution in VR mode” and anything has changed. Maybe someone has any idea? I have the HP Reverb G2 and I tried them in other games like Assetto Corsa and they work perfectly.

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