Archived mods

This mod adds historically accurate insignia to Finnish and German planes in IL2 Sturmovik FB/AEP/Pacific Fighers. Unlike some other similar mods, this is an one time install, and does not require you to run an extra program every time you launch the game

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Using this mod requires that you use NTFS filesystem on your IL2 install drive, and that you have ‘simple file sharing’ disabled from the folder options. Read the readme file in the archive for detailed install instructions.


Modifies the user interface from TES4 to be less “console” like. It does the following:

– Most fonts are much smaller now (menus, subtitles, etc.)
– Inventory, magic, etc. menus now display 10 items at once
– The HUD is smaller and closer to the edge of the screen
– The maps are much larger
– The crosshair is a bit smaller
– The stealth icon is moved to the bottom of the screen
– The stealth icon turns red when you are being seen


DX9res is a Direct3D 9 “proxy” DLL that attempts to override the screen resolution set by a Direct3D 9 program. It is useful for some games that do not allow changing the screen resolution, such as Silent Hunter III, and games that do not allow setting nonstandard or low screen resolutions.

Read the readme file from the archive for install & use instructions.