5 comments on “Dirt Rally 2 VR eye accomodation fix v1.0

  1. Awesome! Do you think its possible to remove the constant milky fog in the distance? Its quite annoying to me and I don’t seem to be alone thinking that. That fog becomes very annoying in vr, especially when its dark and with some pixely compression if youre streaming or using oculus link.

  2. Really cool mod! However, when using it I very much recommend changing the dr2vrfix.config and altering the luminanceMinRange setting back to the original value of 600, or maybe even lower if you so desire.

    While it’s true that the camera exposure/eye accommodation feature is complete bollocks for VR, the unfortunate reality of the situation is that the stages were designed with this camera-like behavior in mind. Meaning that some stages have a very low ambient luminance value (like in sunset/dusk mode), with the expectation that the virtual camera will be able to increase exposure enough for stuff to be somewhat visible. With the min range value as provided in the default config these stages will instead be extremely dark, because of how it limits the maximum exposure the virtual camera can reach. The already rather useless headlights won’t help you there either, because the game in is infinite wisdom treats these stages as “bright enough”, so you only have access to the even more pathetic daytime-mode headlights.

  3. This looks very promising thank you.

    Just one question : Will this cause a VAC ban on steam ?.
    I know its a remote possibility but have to ask and Im very eager to try the fix.


  4. Pistin Keijolle kaljarahaa femman ku oon köyhä, mut Keijo ansaitsee kaljansa…
    Kiitti kaikesta tähän saakka !

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