12 comments on “RBRvr v1.6 – Fix for crash with some controllers

  1. Is there a way to disable the RBR VR mod temporarily? I love the mod but I would still like to play on the flat screen sometimes.

    • @Martin
      Yes just rename d3d9.dll to d3d9.off
      and under Plugins folder rename RBRvrConfig.dll to RBRvrConfig.off

  2. Hello, I have a low end pc and I was wondering if this would work on it. Specs are : intel core i3 6006u, intel HD 520, 8GB RAM DDR3. I’m trying to set up a program that emulates a VR headset in my phone and from there through a normal VR box, just so I take a small taste of what VR is, so 30 FPS performance would be good. Thanks

    • it is waste of time. maybe you will get some 5 fps with big latency. so really – just to see how VR can looks like, but no way to play any racing simulator.

  3. Hi,

    Is there a way to get the vr app working with reshade please?

    The reshade is called the same d3d9.dll and in this case it can only be one or another.

    What about d3d9VR.dll, is something like that possible please?


    • Most likely multiple layers like this will not work without quite a bit of additional effort. I’ll see if it would be possible to make the DLL loaded by RBRvr be configurable, but most likely it will not work correctly regardless.

  4. Is there any way to save camera position permanently? Or even better is there any way to have all cars have correct camera out of the box with some mod or plugin?

    • Based on my experiences, the camera positions are permanently saved into the 8 car slots (starting with car_0) in the rbrvr.cfg file, if you change them in the game.
      So, when you choose the same car to drive, and you install that car into that same slot in the game, which you saved that car last time, the camera position will be the same. (I use rallysimfans.hu plugin, other plugins may work in the same approach.)
      The user needs to remember, which slot was used for a car, but there are only 8 car slots. So, if you drive more than 8 cars regularly, you will overwrite the VR cam positions in case of at least 1 car-slot when you change the cam position in VR.

  5. Hi. Is it possible to ad custom dash in vr mode. Maybe U can create something like that?

    • You can use the same custom dashes in VR as in nonVR mode.
      You may need to adjust the position and size of the dash in \Misc\digidash_XXXX.ini (XXXX relates to your resolution), or in \Misc\minidashXXXX.ini, if you use minidash instead of full dash.
      On the top of that it is wirth to spend some time with adjsutment of hudScale and hudDistance parameters in rbrvr.cfg file.

  6. Hi,

    would be there a way somehow to implement FidelityFX Super Resolution as an option?
    I read and saw positive experiencies of improvement in FPS with utilization of this method of AMD, but IDK if it makes sense to invest any working hour into a development.
    I made a trial on this, but it did not work (replacement of files based on the instructions from the github page, but the game did not start, I don’t remember the message popped up).

    This is just a question came up in my mind, and I don’t really know if it would be worth any effort, but this would be very helpful in case of VR-problematic stages, especially the unplayable Verkiai stages, if it works.

    On the other hand I appreciate Keijo’s work very much, this RBR-mod brought a completely new RBR-world for me, big THX!


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