14 comments on “Another Joux Plane update for Assetto Corsa

  1. Thanks very much for your work :)

    How are the prices in Praha/CZ lately? I haven’t been there in years (they were still selling toilet paper by the square outside public washrooms during the recovery from communism), but would like to visit again some time. I have heard it is a major tourist trap and overpriced nowadays, but maybe things are getting cheaper…

    • On average I’d say its much cheaper than Finland, but some things like electronics etc. are the same price. In the tourist trap places I’m sure you can waste all your money (and time) though, but I tend to avoid those :) And not that much tourists at this time of the year anyway.

  2. Hi can you tell me how to add this track? Because I entered it but it says track not found

  3. Great, do you have another coversion plans or not?
    Joux Plane is my favorite track in AC, and I very appreciate your effort.

    • No plans to convert anything else for now. The RBR conversion for example is very laborous and involves a lot of manual work to make it look and feel better.

  4. Thanks so much for your work on this! I just got through trying this out in AC on the Rift, and it was fantastic! I made a point of testing out some of the barrier collisions :) and everything worked amazingly well. The road surface was also very nice and detailed… so I just wanted to say great job and thanks again!

  5. Thanks a lot for the update, the rock now rocks even more :)

  6. Great job with this track, mate.
    I really love this track, although i haven’t been able to reach the finish line unscratch :P
    but do you mind if i ask, is there no way to turn off collision with trees?

  7. Great job. Please please…..Please look at rbr Semtin… Assetto Corsa NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDSSS this in

  8. Thanks so much for keeping this wonderfull track alive. I was sad to see it not working with AC 1.1. It works fine. As for the lighting I use this app : Natural Graphics Mod that I ftnd at RaceDepartement, and it is as good as before 1.1 Thanks again for sharing this trakc.


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