4 comments on “DATtool v1.01

  1. hey dude every time i drop a dat file it says dattol has stopped working?

  2. Thank you for your awesome work man. I discovered your mods with Rbrift and I think you simply are the best moder for this game (though I did love your Joux plane track for AC too ;-)
    That’s why I would like to ask you : do you think it could be possible to have permanently the engine sound we have when a door is broken in RBR ?
    Cheers !

  3. Thanks! In return for this, I’ll give back to the community. =)

    I used this to extract the music (no wonder I liked the intro theme — it’s by Paul Oakenfold!), but that’s not all there is to it. Apparently all the .ogg files include a non-supported header, likely inserted by SCi themselves, which prevents the files from playing in most players. However, there’s no encryption or compression, so if you strip off all the bytes up to the first “OggS” (4F 67 67 53) in a hex editor, the music plays perfectly.

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