4 comments on “Freejoin for Assetto Corsa update (Booking free MP)

  1. well, first of all thx for your continues develop of this great tool, im writing now because after the first release of porsche 997 gt3 i wast trying to add to the server the car but im having some troubles. the car its added on the car list , and rigth format . but on the console i see the following message and start the server but the car itsnt selectable on the game .

    [FREEJOIN] Warning: Invalid car definition:
    [FREEJOIN] Warning: Invalid car definition:
    [FREEJOIN] Server name

  2. [FREEJOIN] Warning: Invalid car definition: porsche_997gt3rsr,falkentire

    [FREEJOIN] Warning: Invalid car definition: porsche_997gt3rsr,porsche
    [FREEJOIN] Server name AssettoCorsa.ForoArgentina.Net Server#3 GT-cars [FREEJOIN]

  3. Hi,

    Freejoin is a great mode! I have a question regarding the entry_list. Can Freejoin checks which GUID try to connect the server? I can’t get reserved slots on my server. when i give a valid GUID numbers in the ini.

    Any ideas?

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