20 comments on “Joux Plane for Assetto Corsa (from Richard Burns Rally)

  1. Thanks so much for releasing this conversion! Such great fun! Hopefully it’s not too difficult or time consuming for you to convert a couple more classics from RBR! Or maybe you can teach us how to do it so we can help you out!


    • Hello,

      Lack of time is a bit of a problem, though if you have the track in a format that can be easily loaded into Blender I might take a look at it. I’ll likely release my Blender exporter once the official mod tools are out.

      • the hillclimb is made with BTB, I can export well to rbr or rfactor, as you prefer, or even spend the project directly from BTB

        if you can do would be great

          • My email is at the top right box on this site (remove the red part, its for anti-spam). However I dont have BTB, you’d need to export it from it to some standard 3D format that blender can import like obj, 3ds or fbx. Importing from some other game format first is a bit too much work.

  2. Mate, thanks very much for this wonderful track! The tracks that already are in AC are nice but very short. This one is definitely my fav! I’m also a big fan of RBR and hope you be able to create more RBR tracks for AC, cause we NEED a new version of RBR and maybe AC is the one to look at :D Good luck and, again, MANY THANKS!

    • There is a really significant amount of work involved in porting the tracks so likely I wont port anything more, but hopefully once the official mod tools are out there will be many mod tracks made.

  3. Thank you so much for this track. +1 on the tutorial. would be great to know how to port the tracks from other games and we will be able to enjoy other amazing tracks with AC physics!

    Will be watching this eagerly for more Asetto corsa mods. Don’t mind paying a generous donation when a tutorial is released as well mate.

  4. Thank You very much!

    This is one reason why i purchased Assetto Corsa, because you released an old RBR stage, and it works like charm.

    I hope many people will able to convert stages from Czech RBR scene. There are a lot of good tarmac stages available, and they aren’t original RBR contents if this count. This is just a beginning of a(n) (r)evoution.

    You’re the best of modders, Keijo!
    Cheers, mesa

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  6. Hi

    After the 6.2 update it seems there are some invisible holes in the road some places. Would be able to fix this?

    I really enjoy this track but impossible to drive now, sadly…

  7. Please, if you can, fix Joux Plane. Those of us that have been driving it a lot are so grateful to you for adding it, and since a couple of updates ago it has become impossible to drive.

  8. +1there are holes on the road now.. 3 that I’ve found :/
    Sidenote: a million thx for this track. Ironically this is the best track on AC!

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