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    • Hi kegetys, first of all thanks a lot for your work!

      I found that the 1.4 plugin has solved the random crash, but it has become so much more sickening in terms of strange visual movement and feeling behaviour (now it’s not fluid anymore, it’s somehow lagging even if it’s 90 FPS!). I have to use the old 1.3 plug in and accept the random crash. I have found that if I set the internal rendering scale to 1 in the plugin cfg file (instead of 1.2, 1.5 or more) it seems (at least for 20 minutes…) to fix the random carsh, but I can’t stand it, it’s so low resolution! I even tried to put 1 the internal rendering scale and then force upscale via Oculus Debug Tool to a modest 1.2, which worked, until the same conclusion: crash.

      Can you please check this out? thanks so much, it’s anyway an outstanding work!! Aside from graphics and sound, I found RBR with your VR plugin better than Dirt Rally in VR!

      • Yes finally someone pointing out the visual movement problems! Its not fluid anymore!! Completely destroys the experience, especially coming from the previous DK2 mod..
        its a shame this is worse than 1.2 rbrift..

        • I concur, there is lots of jutter that makes it very sickening with this version. It would be great to find a way to smooth it out again.

  1. Thank you very much for your outstanding addition to a legenndary sim!

    I think i have over 300 hours in RBR driving with the rift DK2.
    I am very pleased that you have med it work with the CV1 and the Vive as well!

    I can’t thank you enough!

    /greetings from Norway

    • Hi Christian,
      Are you able to use the rbrvr 1.4 with a DK2?

      • I have not tried it. I was refering to earlier when all we had avalible was the DK2.

  2. I get a crash on startup, with both 1.4 and 1.3. Using Rift CV1. Here’s the crash log if that’s any help: https://db.tt/6FY1x1sj
    A huge thank you for this. I’ve already had so many hours on this with the old versions using my DK2, so much appreciate your work!

    • Late reply, but I had a look at the dump file and the crash is in a rather strange place (retrieving the D3D device depth buffer seems to fail). No clue why that would happen, it could be some plugin or perhaps some other application doing Direct3D hooking.

      I did notice there is a DLL file from “RivaTuner Statistics Server” loaded which I believe does some kind of D3D hooking so perhaps try without that, if you already didn’t find a solution.

  3. Thank you so very much for this. Absolutely fantastic!

  4. Thank you so much. This is awesome. No more crashing! Loving it. Going to donate right now :)

  5. If you want to avoid the cv1 crush you just have to lower the resolution from 2.0 to 1.0 or 1.25 in the vr menu of the game.

    • That was not true in my case. It would crash no matter what settings I had. But this new updated fixed it! Woohoo :)

  6. So I tried this with the DK2 and its much worse than the previous mod RBRift 1.2. The black levels are grey, which reduces the overall contrast, and it doesn’t run as fluid as with the previous mod. Maybe its optimized for the vive? I wonder if its like that with the CV1 as well. Did anybody try both mods? Kegetys: how do you compare the previous mod with this one, even though you have a vive?
    This is because Im thinking on upgrading to a CV1 but all I use is RBR.

    • With the Vive for me it feels smoother than the old version with DK2 but thats probably because of the increased framerate (90Hz in Vive vs 75 on DK2). I recall someone complaining about experiencing stutter with the DK2 with OpenVR games due to some desktop refresh rate problem on the SteamVR forum though…

      The contrast is reduced on purpose while in the menus because the bright environment was making the screen hard to read with the lens flaring you get from the fresnel lenses on the Vive (and probably worse on the CV1). But in-game it should be exactly the same as before, unless it is some issue with DK2 itself.

      • hi kegetys, thanks for answering.
        Do you thing it works on oculus cv1 as good as htc vive? Or it is mainly a vive adaptation? Is it safer to buy a vive to play rbr rather than an oculus rift?

  7. Is there anyway to lock the view to the horizon?
    I find that much more comfortable in Dirt Rally.

    • No, I did look into the possibility of adding that but it is difficult as the mod uses RBR’s camera position which is always relative to the car.

  8. Hi kegetys, thanks for your job, it seems awesome !
    Can we use rsrbr 2016 with that plugin ? With all cars and tracks ? Or only with rbr ..

    • It should work with RSRBR, though some plugins are apparently not compatible (at least some pacenotes one seems to not work)

      • i ve got my cv1 rift last week and it work perfectly, thanks for your job !
        So i can say it work with rsrbr 2016 with all cars and tracks with the “GO” launcher .

        But i have two question :
        – is it possible to program a reset-view bouton on my wheel ? cause i have a cv1 rift and not a vive and you say : ” Double-tap the grip button to re-center the seating position – in game “, but i don’t have a vive controler …
        – i have some view problems , sometimes when i turn my head in rotation to the left/right, the view in the car go in translation to the left /right and i need to restart the game 2 or 3 times , is it normal ?

        i hope you understand my bad english …

  9. will you make this mod natively for the rift in the future?

  10. Can anyone here comment on how good it works with the Oculus CV1??
    Im about to buy one just for this !
    thanks everyone

  11. Ok, so finally I bought an Oculus Rift CV1 to replace the DK2 and to use mainly with Richard Burns Rally. I´m very sad to say that this version of the mod (1.4) is a much worse experience than with a DK2 using the 1.2 mod. I´m not talking about the crashes or incompatibilities. Im talking about the smoothness of the picture – IT´S HORRIBLE. Seems like the picture is never fluid, never smooth. Tried with different settings in SeamVR (allow reprojection ON/OFF) trying to solve it but it remains horrible. Using latest Nvidia drivers and so on.
    Its a real disappointment coming from a DK2 to a CV1 and having an unusable experience, I just get nauseous and just can’t drive more than a minute.
    Still, people are saying that it works great in the rift – They never tried the DK2 version it seems!.
    I suppose its because of the OpenVR thing, looks like this is an only Vive Mod.
    Kegetys: is it somehow possible to make it using Oculus SDK and having it working properly?
    Donated some days ago by the way, keep up the good work!

  12. So after digging into the lack of smoothness in movement when using the openVR (there are several threads on reddit regarding that problem), I realize that the kind of ghost movement that I see in trees for example or whatever is moving sideways might be related to the openVR thing, some reprojection technique (I feel that in the oculus runtime 0.6 I never had such a thing) – although I have a gtx970 and can easily hit the proper framerate. Also tried reprojection on/off and doesn’t seem to improve.
    For example in tarmac stages, because I don’t go as much sideways as gravel, I don´t feel the lack of smoothness so much. Otherwise in gravel you feel it bad and it really puts you off, kills the immersion and sometimes makes me a bit sick.
    Another point is what I had felt when trying the DK2 with this mod (1.4): the colors and contrast are quite a step down from the previous 1.2mod/dk2. (not as much saturation – cv1 problem? – and not as good contrast – this might be changed in software?)
    Must also say it crashes a lot when the render scale is more than 1.0. When using the vanilla version of the game it crashes less or doesn’t crash with 2.0 renderscale, but when using versions with plugins (RBRCZ) it crashes more with higher render scales.
    So overall, having to use 1.0 renderscale, shitty smoothness and color/contrast problems, everything compared to the DK2 mod, I must say to everyone interested: Don’t buy a CV1 for RBR, at this point the DK2 with the 1.2mod provides the best experience – im not talking about the Vive as I never tested it.
    Anyway, kegetys you do a great job with this. There are much more people enjoying your stuff that you don’t know about, silent people who don’t manifest in forums or here but use your mods for rbr. This mod is very, very important because RBR never had a real sucessor and so its the only option to proper simulate rally. (dirt is simcade/arcade for those who don’t know)
    I would like to ask you: how difficult/time consuming would it be to make this using the Oculus SDK? using ATW would be much better than the openVR for the experience I suppose.
    best regards

    • Just to make a quick edit: I Just tried the 1.3 version (supposed to crash the rift) and while it crashes much more indeed, the smoothness is much better! (like user Georgio said in a commentary above) Kegetys if you could maintain this smoothness on a more rift friendly mod it would be great!

    • I m sorry for you, but for me it s really good ( with a reset view bouton on my wheel this could be perfect ), but okay i got a gtx 1080 so it s fluid and smooth, but not in all stage ( for peyregrosse and sieversdorf for exemple i need to put down the resolution game to 3600×1800 to 1920×1080 , but i think this change only the screen tv resolution , not in my oculus ) but for all the other stage it s good with the first resolution . And i got 90 fps ..
      Try to downgrade your resolution’s game maybe that s the problem

      Sorry for my bad english .. ( i m french )

      • I understand what you say. This happens with render scale on 1 but also on 2.0 or 1.5. (I have a 970 and can get the 90fps no problem – also in those stages, peyregrosse and sieversdorf I have a low frame rate but I think its related to some poor design of the stages).
        You see, the problem is that you only saw the 1.3/1.4 Vr Mod and you think thats good, but if you would have tried the 1.2mod with a DK2, then you would have something to compare to.
        So in a way I went from a ferrari to a BMW and you just started on a BMW and naturally you think thats great. (using these brands just for the sake of the analogy of course)
        have fun

        • I ment in terms of smoothness, of course the CV1 has better resolution/screen door effect (thats why I bought one).

  13. Please Kegetys fix this mod.. only are the only hope to the community!

    • Sorry for not replying earlier, I have been quite busy with other stuff.

      I suspect the problem comes from the fact that 1.4 is now using a predicted head pose, which was necessary to fix the multithreading related crash from 1.3… So its not an easy fix but I’ll try to find out if it would be possible to do it differently, although I’m pretty sure any other method will also come with a performance hit. But maybe with RBR that would be acceptable, only with some custom tracks the performance is not great.

      Can’t really promise when I have time to look into it but hopefully not too far in the future.

      • Hi Kegetys, thanks for answering.
        I think we all understand that you have little time to do this mods. Its a great job anyway.
        The custom tracks are in fact a problem and I wonder even if with a 1080gtx you would have constant 90fps considering you might come with an even more performance demanding mod, as I understand your words.
        The good thing is that at least it would be perfect again, smooth again, even though we would need better graphics cards. The bad is of course having to spend money on graphics cards to run such a visually simple and old game like RBR.
        So in a way, a native Rift mod is out of question right?
        Its a shame because I get the feeling that the simracing community in general is adopting the rift more than the vive.
        thanks a lot,

  14. Pedros i think your problem is 970… its a poor svga for 90 fps..I sell it one year ago for lag problem in Dirt (for 75 fps).. I try this mod with Dk2 and Cv1 with 980ti on i7 6770 and everything goes like butter…Black are perfect for me. Change your configuration and see.

    • Yes I have fps issues now with some custom tracks, but specially in the native ones im always at 90fps and its still not smooth as it is with the 1.3mod or 1.2 for the dk2. Man, I play assetto corsa flawlessly, how come I cannot run RBR?? Doesn’t make any sense in terms of graphical quality.
      Specially since I used to play with the dk2 and it was perfect (yes 75fps instead of 90 and a bit less resolution). My feeling is that only the user georgio up there in the comments and me are pointing out the lack of smoothness. But meanwhile Kegetys has given some hints about the problem above.
      My conclusion is that this really is an Htc Vive mod, not a rift mod anymore. Yes it can work, but not like it used to in the dk2. And im only talking in terms of smoothness, not the crashes (which is bad of course).
      And I get the feeling the OpenVR way for rift users is really much much worse than the native oculus sdk. Guess i´ll be looking into a Vive sooner or later if Kegetys has no chance of making this Rift perfect.
      (and by the way Sacro, I’ve changed configurations everywhere, and also reducing to 1.0 render scale, always getting that lack of smoothness, kind of ghosting, don’t know how to explain. )

  15. Advice for people having trouble hitting 90fps with some custom stages like Peyregrosse or Swiss stages: reduce particle quality and render quality in the game resolution option in rsrbr to LOW. It makes everything much easier to be at least 90fps and the graphical quality is so drastically reduced, I almost didn’t notice it.
    As for the smoothness problem which appeared with the 1.4 version (and was not there in 1.3) we can only wait that Kegetys tries some solutions.
    Good luck.

    • I meant the graphical quality is NOT so drastically reduced..

  16. So I upgraded from a gtx970 to a gtx1070. And while it seems to make a slight difference in the smoothness of rbr1.4, its slight a very big difference from the smoothness of the 1.3 mod. This is so frustrating, having a perfect smooth experience in the 1.3mod but not being able to play more than some seconds/1minute max.
    Please Kegetys, find some way to deal with this problem, I really don’t want to sell my rift for a Vive.

  17. Hi all, and Kegetys in particular.
    Any advances on fixing the smoothness of the 1.4 mod?
    Did you abandon this project or are you just without time to work on it?
    I can beta test rift mods for you if you want!


    • Yes, sorry, just quite busy with stuff. I did try to find a way to retrieve the head pose differently but so far without any success. Due to the way OpenVR works and limitations in Direct3D 9 it is not an easy problem to solve.

      • I see. What a shame. Sad news.

        I have been doing some testing/comparisons and this are the conclusions:

        the 1.3 version does not crash under this conditions:

        -using RSRBR2016 in Alone mode, not rbrcz (which is not compatible with any version of the mod apparently)
        -using the ford fiesta 2012 wrc NGP (crashes with some other cars and doesn’t crash with certain cars)
        -reduce all graphic detail to low
        -reduce the renderscale to 1.4 (1.5 might be ok sometimes)
        – works on most stages EXCEPT this ones: peyregrosse, vieux moulin, puy du lac, sieversdorf, bergheim, bruchal unterowisheim, northumbria, swiss tarmac/gravel, versme, gestel, gran canaria, shomaru, and all the BTB stages.
        – IF using MIXMOD or RAIN+NIGHT = CRASH.
        – During an official championship it might crash no matter the stage/condition/car.

        the 1.4 version does not crash.

        SO, it seems that poorly optimized stages (that also give framerate problems using the 1.4 version) force it to crash and I assume it all has to do with using more resources? This I´m not sure.

        I´m on a gtx 1070, i5 6500, 8gb RAM (maybe 16gb would help?) .

        Kegetys can you confirm it all works flawlessly with the correct head pose retrieving (1.3 version?) using an HTC VIVE?

        again, if you need some kind of beta tester im all open to help you in any way I can.

        • > can you confirm it all works flawlessly with the correct head pose retrieving (1.3 version?) using an HTC VIVE

          It seemed to yes, but the implementation is wrong so its possible it eventually crashes with the Vive too or starts doing so in the future. I cannot test it myself now as I am away from my VR gear.

          Since the crash seems to be a multithreading related issue its very possible it is triggered by a frame taking sligtly “too long” to render or taking just the wrong amount of time for something to go wrong.

          • “It seemed to yes, but the implementation is wrong so its possible it eventually crashes with the Vive too or starts doing so in the future.”
            When you say the implementation is wrong, you mean the rbrvr mod in general or specifically the 1.3 version?

            Are you planning to work on it in the near future to achieve a fully working mod with both rift and vive and with a perfect smooth head tracking (or head pose retrieving)?
            Or you kind of gave up due to the difficulty of the task?

            Do you think the multithreading issue could be solved from an external way, meaning changing some gpu setting, cpu, future runtime updates (oculus, steamVR)? How could we tackle the “frame taking too long” problem? maybe theres some settings we could change?

            Is it really out of question to work on a rift only version? (since the sim racing community is adopting the rift more)

            Its a shame because rbr is the only serious rally sim.

  18. I finally got RBRvr up and running with RSRBR on my DK2, and am simply blown away. The thing is amazing. Thank you for coding it!

    One question though… is it supposed to look this muddy? On everything but stages where there is a very high contrast between the road surface and the surroundings, it all just fades into one muddy mess with seemingly a higher than normal amount of screendoor.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    • for the brightness issue, it is a steamVR bug, which was corrected in the latest beta of steamVR. You can wait that they update steamVR non-beta or you can put the resolution scale on 1.4 or less.

  19. Great mod! Works on Vive, actually first time playing RBR, I downloaded the RBR 2016 mod, for some reason I can’t change the degrees of rotation, tried on the profiler but nothing works, game is stuck at 900 degrees G27, its probably not related to this VR mod itself but can someone help me?

    The only issue I felt so far with this VR mod is that the screens are too bright or low contrast/high brightness and this makes the Screen Door effect Very noticeable like A LOT noticeable, sometimes its so distracting that I can’t even see the road.

    • edit rbrvr.cfg to put the degrees of rotation that you have in the logitech profiler. As for the brightness issue, it is a steamVR bug, which was corrected in the latest beta of steamVR. You can wait that they update steamVR non-beta or you can put the resolution scale on 1.4 or less.

  20. Hi Kegetys,
    any progress on having a realtime headpose and not crashing?
    Does it crash with a vive and other plugins like RBRCZ? (the czech plugin)

    • I haven’t tried RBRCZ I don’t know. RSRBR 2014 I tried seemed to work but I didn’t test it very much.

  21. Hi Kegetys.
    Still planning to work on a version with realtime headpose and no crashes on a rift?
    Also, does it crash on a Vive using the 1.3version at all?

    • Possibly, but I don’t know when.

      Don’t know if 1.3 crashes with the vive or not.

  22. This 1.4 version isn’t as smooth as 1.2 version. I can confirm it too. Even if my fps is all the time 75 when I play with 1.4 version, it doesn’t seem as smooth as it should. (Checked fps with MSI Afterburner) Hope this could be fixed somehow.
    I am using Oculus Rift DK2.

  23. Kegetys can you maybe do a version with perfect head tracking even if it needs lots of resources from the computer? As long as it doesn’t crash we could put the resolution down to 1.2 for example and have a smooth image..
    Is there any configuration we can try in windows for the 1.3mod not to crash?
    Its a real frustration…
    Thanks anyway!

  24. Also wanted to ask you: I read somewhere that dx9 aplications cant use more than 4gb vram under windows10. Does rbr run under dx9 or dx11 with the wrapper? Im thinking if it is better to install windows 7 instead because of rbr

  25. how much money/time would it take to make an oculus cv1 perfect version of the mod?

  26. Hi,

    I would like to use RBR with Oculus CV1 but it’s impossible:
    1)I have to click around 20 times the RBR.exe to open the game when using this plugin.
    2)Camera is always on the floor and I can’t edit the camera because the plugin doesn’t support other plugins and the “keyboard controls” doesn’t work. I push all the bottons the readme says and it does nothing.
    3)The RBRvr 1.4 is completely unusable, it makes me feel sick. Very strange behaviour. Using the RBRvr1.3 is a lot more smooth. But, considering the 2) of this message, is unusable too.

    What a shame, I was so happy to find something to use the CV1 with this sim but it doesn’t work, I can’t drive from the floor.

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