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  1. Greatest news Ive heard in ages!

    Will gladly hop on the kickstarter to donate, it’s worth every penny!

  2. I am not a programmer but maybe this info will / will not help. I am running FSX, win7 32bit, Nvidia 7900GTX. SoftTH runs fine with dual screens. Mouse clicks on right screen instruments not working however when bringing up the fsx menu, its split between the two screens and the mouse works on both screens for menu options. It seems like it is a problem with the FSX panel gauge programming and not with windows..? ? ?


    • Vangyver, I now have a similar problem. I have been flying with 3 monitors for about 18 months without any problems at all using a AMD Radeon HD 7800 series which ran the three monitors full width and had the option of menus or not and all the switches in all aircraft including PMDG 737 and 777
      I was recently convinced to upgrade my video card to a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960. My FSX has not worked since.
      After seemingly hundreds of hours, if I could get someone to alter the 64bit d3d9.dll to prevent it from writing the 3 Devices to the FSX.CFG but write the [DISPLAY.Device.SoftTH v2.08 x86 alpha by Kegetys.0] > Mode=4240x1050x32 instead, I am sure it would work. Using the 64bit version works fine except it is only on the middle monitor as the FSX.CFG does not display the wide settings in FSX. Extremely frustrating.
      So to boil it down I believe the Nvidia drivers are somehow preventing the 32bit from working as it should and the 64bit d3d9.dll is only preventing the CFG from displaying what is required.
      I understand that there is probably much more to it than what I have surmised but it is the most frustrating circumstance that I have ever experienced. I really hope someone can clear it up, PLEASE.

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