4 comments on “sRGB gamma fix for DCS World

  1. Hi, I love the shader Mod you did! It really works in my Rift. I use DCS mostly. Is it possible to change the shape, size, and color (especially the brightness) of the VR cursor in DCS? The little blue + is really way to bright at night and in the way during carrier ops. I mapped my mouse controls to my Warthog throttle and just look and press the throttle button to select. It is way to hard/non-immersive to shift my hand off the stick to click something. That’s why I use the throttle button. Anyway, I have spent days trying to figure out how they are doing it,. I think it may have something to do with fonts and/or the windows mouse. I have zero knowledge of code and all that. I really hope you can help!

    • Hello, I haven’t looked into it in detail but it looks like the VR cursor is drawn by the shaders\enlight\rayCursor.fx shader. Adjusting the PS function there should allow you to change how it looks… for example just to make it dimmer changing the return statement to something like:
      return clr *(sp+0.5) * float4(0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 1);
      might help.

  2. Hi kegetys,

    The fix is awesome, the colors of the landscapes are suberb now and I can read the Hornet screens much better in VR!!

    This fix + your VR Shader performance mod are a must – although personaly I prefer do not overwrite model/functions/glass.hlsl.

    Please publish the last fix on DCS forums.

    Thank you very much. Your work make the VR guys more happy!!


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