17 comments on “Joux Plane for Assetto Corsa compatibility update

  1. You rock man!
    Would you mind sharing some advices to those guys trying to fix the Nordscheleife track?

    • In JP’s case the AC log file said whats wrong (missing entry from ambient sounds ini file), maybe for other tracks it is something similar.

  2. That´d be really appreaciated! We were almost getting it nice and smooth.

  3. Thank you for the quick update !

    Just curious… will you be updating textures or anything in the future?
    Not saying you need to though…

    Fix for the nurb is to disable WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS in the assetto_corsa.ini


  4. forget new textures, can we expect conversions from other RBR tracks? I’d love to see akagi/shomaru, or any of the other paved mountain courses.

  5. Just a question from a noob , Does the AI works with this track? because everytime i add AI they all crash and retire after a few meters , this happens either with one or more AI.

    Keep up the good work

  6. Mod tools are out! Maybe you can work your magic and update joux plane with some new shaders? :)

  7. MAN! You are a godsend! AC is so fun now! THANK YOU!
    How much money do you want to do every RBR track?

    • Glad you like it :) More than money, I’d need permission to convert them as I dont want to push my luck with whoever has landed with the rights to the content.

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